Today was a day not unlike any other. Argentos, our fierce leader, took us into battle once more. Just last week, I finally mastered the Calculator class, and found myself eager to test my vast knowledge of magics. I learned something painful today. Calculating is slow. All those equations! I was overwhelmed.

As we went into battle, I readied my rod and nodded to the rest of the group. These opponents were ruthless, as most ungodly men are. There were two ninjas who immediately shifted their focus at me. Moving to the farthest corner of the building, I trapped myself between a bookcase and a wall, as Artemia fired arrows from above. Estevao stayed close to protect me, while Theon and Argentos charged forth into the small army before us.

I began to calculate. The opposing squad was almost entirely level thirty, so I chose multiples of three. Grinning, I continued calculating, knowing that the enemy would be stunned by the massive Ice 3 attack awaiting them. Both of the ninjas came closer, but Estevao held them away from me. Argentos glared at me and jumped, as though he knew something I didn't.

The Ice 3 spell rained violently from the sky. One of the ninjas was knocked unconscious while the other was left on his knees. It worked! It really worked! I was excited beyond words. But... wait... what happened to Estevao? I had overlooked the fact that he was level thirtythree, and was also slammed with my spell. Argentos landed, moments later. He, too, was level thirtythree, but was able to evade the spell. I had made a huge mistake.

Wide open to attacks, I had nowhere to run. I quickly began to calculate another spell, this time with a level modifier of five. As I balanced the delicate equations, I got smacked in the face with a ninja star! Dazed, I didn't know if I would survive. Artemia hopped down from her perch, confronting the ninja with her Talk Skill. After a short debate, she was able to sway him to our side. I lucked out.

Theon and Argentos had slain the other fighters, and came back to regroup. They asked me so many questions that I could hardly keep them straight. Estevao regained consciousness, and I begged for his forgiveness. He told me not to worry about it. Argentos made a couple of suggestions after I told him how much I hated the long calculations.

Today, though it was nothing special, I learned a valuable lesson.

Math Skills are best used as secondary skills. Tomorrow, I start my training as a Summoner!

Forever yours,
Oleisia the Summoner