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Gone but not forgotten

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So its 2022 now and it seems activity on the forums really slowed down... I never forgot this place, though I did loose my password and couldn't log in until very recently. Still there was that talk about the forums shutting down entirely or having to move domains or something. Best I can tell, seems they hashed it out.

I really appreciate them keeping the forums alive though. I joined when I was twelve years old... When I say that my generation grew up with the internet, I mean that literally. Read my now archived journal and you'll see firsthand how atrocious my spelling and grammar was in those early days. Its wild to think I've been here off and on for 16 years, I mean, that's half of my life.

The current world status with the pandemic, coupled with some of my own life situations, has left me with a lot of spare time. At first this break I've been on has been wonderful. Completed a few games, caught up with a few things on Netflix and have had actual time to spend with my family. Im ready to go back out into my next adventure though. Took all the money I had and got myself a car. Little nervous bout the future but being back with my folks again has given me time to take things slow. It'd be nice to be active here again, I miss the old days, where I spent so much of my time literally just getting to know people. I don't know why I struggle so much more with that these days. When I was a kid, I cared just a little bit less about what people thought of me so maybe that explains it.

Either way, ima make a noble attempt to get back at it. Ill check around and look for survivors. Its almost as if the forums have entered some sort of "lost age" where everything is still technically active and works but the activity is stagnant. Like an abandoned city after a zombie apocalypse. Keep your heads on out there TFF! :cool:

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