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    Y'know, that sounds like a really good idea, lol. I'll just run it by my CT and see what he says But yeah, life seems to be a lot of doing what you don't want to do to get to be able to do what you want to do, eh?
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    I was a little perplexed by that move too. Smith shouldn't even be on the field, let alone in the majors. I like Bruce but hate that we greatly overpaid for someone who is clearly past their prime. I know they play him at first because we supposedly have a lot of decent bats in the outfield. Part of me wonders if Callaway is just letting everyone do what they want since the season is lost.

    Citi Field has a pretty decent beer selection inside of the stadium, as well as a bar/restaurant and a separate brewery. The restaurant is just typical bar food, but I heard the brewery is overwhelming with the amount of choices.
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    Well, the "Geographical View" is one of the "5-Themes of Social Studies." It's defined as studying "how the environment effects people's lives," iirc. I'm not sure how frequently Geography specifically will be a focus, later in the year. We will be talking about some different regions, so perhaps maps will come into that. Mostly, we'll be teaching about the Medieval Ages, from the fall of Rome to the beginning of the Age of Exploration. Regions we hope to hit will be Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, I think. But yeah; we'll get to as much as we can with these kids... Half of them seem to put a lot of effort into giving the lesson no chance at all and not paying attention, while the other half are pretty good, heh... Like, I'm not sure if I should take this as a benefit or a detriment, how difficult this group is compared to the group he had last year, apparently. I met my "supervisor" today, though, and he said there could be a possibility to move to a different level (like High School, which is what I wanted), but recommended to keep trying where we are. I think it's good for me to last as long as I can, here... probably, heh... It does give me a lot of anxiety, though, because I basically can do nothing to them, and they know it. The teacher can basically do nothing to them too, and they know that, as well.There's essentially no real consequences, outside detention, maybe Saturday School, or whatever.

    Yeah, I'm actually still using my GI Bill, currently. I didn't take any classes this Summer, and kinda wished I had instead of working at Lowe's, because I'm pretty sure I would've made a lot more money, that way, heh. Y'know, if there's some program you hear about that can help with your job, I think you can use the GI Bill to do that, too. My friend ended up using his like almost 10 years after he got out, and got his Bachelor's in his current field, so you still have time, eh?

    If I went anywhere else, I would probably stay in the Northwest, now. I think I had enough of the South too, heh.
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    I'm teaching 7th Grade Social Studies, or "World History," which is the end of Rome to the beginning of the Age of Exploration. So far, though, the teacher has them learning the "5-themes of Social Studies," which are the Historical, Geographical, Economic, Sociological, and Political Views. He's been having them recite the definitions every day this week, trying to get them to memorize them word for word, and I've been doing it too, kinda, heh. Also, yeah, I'm still in Oregon.

    So I take it you're in Virginia now, then? Was that where you were from? I can't remember anymore, heh, sorry. But it sounds like you're doing really well, so that's awesome Lotsa nice benefits, and lotsa training. When I got out, I applied to some places, too, but I wasn't really trying that hard to get a job, because I could stay with my parents and get the GI Bill. But I ended up working for a bit as a substitute janitor again, and as a writer for the school paper, in 2016, and then I didn't work at all in 2017. I worked part time at Lowe's this year. Those jobs were nowhere near as nice as yours, heh. Hopefully teaching will pay well next year, though.

    But yeah, I was also surprised at how hard it still was to get a job after being in the Air Force. I thought that would make people want to hire me. Eh.
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    So are you still at Cannon AFB or whatever, or have you moved on since? Actually, are you still in? Heh. I would be on terminal leave right now, if I'd made it all the way. Or maybe I'd have an extension or a second term, but I'm guessing probably not. I never did like it. As it stands, I'm at the beginning of my student teaching year. Teaching middle schoolers. I thought I would be teaching high schoolers, but I got placed in a middle school, so... Eh, it's whatevs, though.
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    That's alright then. Thank you for replying back.
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    Hello there! I was wondering if I could interest you in joining an RP?
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    Hey, congrats on getting your CCAF! You're ahead of a lot of airmen now, or so I hear. Heh. Now you just have to take Course 15, right? ...I'm glad I got out before I had to do that shit. I thought I was drinking a Red IPA-that's what I bought a six pack of-but apparently, someone put a Helles Lager in the case I grabbed... I was wondering why it tasted so lame. My first major is in Political Science, so I will probably be teaching History or Social Studies. And yeah... drama llama.

    Heh... well, I was pretty much depressed for the last two years I was in, and didn't really care if I died, so there ya go. That should tell you my opinion of the world. I'm not fond of our two candidates in the slightest, and I don't know who I hate more. Actually, I don't know that I hate Donald Trump; I just think he's a cartoon character. Like, he doesn't seem real to me. He seems like something out of a comedy show or something. I watched one of the Republican debates, and I was laughing at how audacious he was. I don't think he's going to win... I think we're gonna have Hillary. Oh joy. And yeah, there is certainly a lot of violence lately... People suck. People think they are right, and they are highly offended to be told they are wrong, or even that someone sees the world differently than them. And it's not just religious people who are guilty of this.
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    Also, kinda funny that you messaged me the day I decided to pay a visit here, heh. You have good timing!
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    Hey man. It was LONG, heh. My cat was more or less okay with it the first two days, but on the third day, she was freakin' out for a bit. She had had enough, and I think I had, as well, heh.

    I've started Summer term since then, and I've also been working part time as summer help for the school custodial crews. They actually had me making a spreadsheet in excel for them, that they would use to rate their custodians. My boss had told me to get people's opinions on this, and apparently one of them complained because she thought I was evaluating them. She didn't say anything to me about it. I was a bit irritated to be pulled into their drama like that; I've always been able to stay out of the thick of it before that.

    If I take 5 classes every term for the next 4 terms or so, I could be student teaching in the Fall of 2017, so that's cool. I just gotta not be lazy. Also, I website: I thought about posting about it here, but then I didn't.

    What's goin' on with you, man? Still same ol' same ol'? Heh, I talked for a bit on fb with one of the guys from my old office. What he was saying made me feel SUCH relief that I wasn't there anymore, haha. Always with the drama.
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    You can't make anything successful without the help of those who have the same passion to cooking like you. And you won't be working alone if you have a restaurant one day. I think that you talk and think of cooking a lot more than making it just a hobby for you and a few people.Yes! coffee is crazy, the smell is definitely everything about it
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    It's good to hear that. It's almost the same here except that I and my two sisters bought a house for the three of us and mother. It really feels different when u have your own house coz we've been living in a rented house for 10 years. I am so grateful for the that indeed. Do u like the Art of making coffee? I have two sisters that are soooo good at it really. I wish that they would open a cafe one day. And do you intend to run your own restaurant ,too ?
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    Hi !! long time no talking!
    How have you been? I hope you're well .
    Oh I really missed the forums ..It's been a long time since I browsed anything in here.
    I'm stuck with some Word work an I thought I might flee somewhere and chat with some old fellow
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    To me "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Winter Soldier" are up there with "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight", "Spider-Man 2" and "X-Men First Class" as the best comic book movies out there (taking only DC and Marvel into account).

    Honestly, that's the first I hear about "The Winter Soldier" action sequences, as far as I know it's widely praised in that regard, the fighting choreography alone is the best one I saw out of all comic book movies, the elevator fight and the highway fight against the Winter Soldier were pure and utter badassery in my opinion. One thing I have "The Winter Soldier" to thank for is making Captain America ever so fascinating to certain viewers like myself that didn't care all that much for him without changing him as a character and what he believes in and stand for.

    As for the dance off, I can see why one might hate it, I on the other hand love it, aside from being hilarious, it came out of nowhere and yet it's something Quill would totally do. It was a sound strategy seeing all of them combined, without Groot no less, have nothing on Ronan, let alone Ronan with an infinity stone.

    I have to second everything you just wrote about Age of Ultron, although I somewhat like Ultron. I also have to add unnecessary scenes just to build up future films like that Thor in the pool scene.

    BvS trailers, especially second trailer, revealed way too much, although that usually tends to be a problem with most trailers nowdays. I would also mention Goyer as a part of a problem, not a fan of his scripts, he does good however when there's someone to overlook and tweak his work, like Nolan for instance, this movie might have been even worse if it weren't for Terrio.
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    We don't necessarily agree on BvS, but I like your comment because unlike a lot of comments I read it has a lot of meat to it and some points I can respect. I'm glad you enjoyed the film. I was also disappointed by Age of Ultron, but nowhere near to put me out of the cinema for the next Marvel film, it did however help that the previous two films were Guardians of the Galaxy and The Winter Soldier which I found to be amazing.
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