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    The elevator fight was good in Winter Soldier but the "crappy" action scenes are like when the crew (Cap, Black Widow, and Hawk dude (Hawkman?)) get assaulted by the Winter Soldier for the first time. I'm not saying it was choreographed bad, it just looked - visually - like some crap tv quality where they don't have as big of a budget. Then again maybe that is a part of the choreography. It was just something that sparked my mind while watching Winter Soldier.

    Hail Hydra!
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    GotG had good chemistry between the characters but the final fight was terrible. Like it deserves more than a dance off. In Final Fantasy terms, Ronan's ship was Jecht and Ronan himself was Yu Yevon. That was the biggest flaw I found in GotG. On second viewing Winter Soldier got better. It did do some social commentary which was nice, but I still felt like some of the action sequences looked really bad as if I was watching an episode of Agents of Shield.

    With Avengers: AoU it got to the point where I could see the jokes coming in and some plot points were lifted from Avengers as if it were not a sequel but an update. The final fight with Ultron was terrible, just another numbers game like in the first. Instead of an alien army with Loki leading it was a bunch of Ultrons that were weak - no real danger. Ultron was just trash at the end. From the trailers it seemed Ultron was going to be a bit darker compared to other Marvel villains but he too had the comedy and he too had a comedic line with the Hulk at the end as he was trying to get away.

    Another fault I thought of regarding BvS - marketing department. They can't let out the whole movie or too many major plot points in trailers. I don't fault Snyder for that, but the marketing team at WB. That is how some of the suspense is lost. Batman and Superman fighting and eventually joining forces is enough to get people interested they could've left out WW or Doomsday (for sure) in the trailers - let it generate a natural hype after release as people talk about the film.
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    You can also mod the music if you want. You can only add midis, but I added midis off some Final Fantasy fansites. Playing Pokemon with midi FF music is quite an experience!

    I don't want to give anything away about the game, but leveling will become much easier later on. You'll be able to have as many teams as you like!

    I hope you are enjoying the story-line. Be sure to check out the extra modes, if you get a chance!

    Glad I could help!
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    I still haven't completed Zestiria. I would say I am getting close. I think it is an ok Tales game. I prefer the battle system to Graces F or Xillia. Story is ok at best, characters are decent. I found that usually if the story is not top quality then the humor in Tales games' makes up for it, such as Legendia and Graces F, but this game the humor is mostly a miss to me. So really there are everything is mediocre - battle system, characters, story, humor. If it gets ridiculously cheap as can happen on Steam sales I would say pick it up.
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    Ah yeah hey jumped the shark mid way through season 2, which was too early imo, they could have got alot more through it without going into complete silly realm.

    Castle was fun too, kinda went crappy quick too, good for something to watch when yer eating or are bored
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    Aye such a great show, i rewatch it quite frequently, well as in every 2-3 years or so

    heck im even rewatching chuck to get some Adam Baldwin in, and still watching Castle even if it has gone stale
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    I'll disagree about DQ VIII, but how can you not love Yangus and his Cor Blimey! Lol. DQ is a bit archaic, but I am partial to the series.
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    Im just ecstatic its happening man. I am slightly nervous about how things will play out, but when it comes to FF7 , they can hardly fk it up. The characters and story are the strong point for me. I can put up with average battle systems so long as the rest is in tact.

    Btw, good to see you around the forums again!
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    Noticed it was ye Birthday! Hope it was good one. I would raise my glass, however I am currently out of drink (Cucumber Gin Cooler)
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    Hey guy I haven't seen you post around here recently. I hope all is well
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    I recently purchased the manga for black lagoon, which is upto date with what happened in robertas blood trail, PLUS theres a bunch more stuff now to do with the indian hacker girl. I really hope they continue the anime.
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    That scene with her on the table was so damn hot. I watch it in english dub which has far more agressive language. This anime was meant to be watched in english dub.
    I also love the 'march of the ants' ending theme, suits Roberta imo. Shes vicious and incredibly sexy. Interesting piece of info, Roberta's blood trail was released not that long ago after a long break from the anime series of black lagoon mainly because Rei, the creator of BL put the manga on hiatus, and only recently started writing again after 3 years break. To release an anime so close after the hiatus is intruiging in the sense that there must be such a great demand for it and hopefully we will see more in the future, because the manga is now ahead of Roberta's blood trail and the story of Revi, Rock and the Black Lagoon is far from over.
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    I just purchased a Roberta figure from ebay, in her 'bloodhound' clothes. My new favourite haha, not that I have that many figures anyway.
    Theres a scene (I think episode 3) with Roberta and this commando guy that was like 8/10 on the hot meter.
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    This last 5 episodes should have just been included on the 2nd season. I actually think they will make another season one day seeing as to how the manga is picking up now.

    The office! Great series, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed that particular series.
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    being able to finally see the full extent of what happened to revi as a young girl was shocking. I just wish they emphasized more on character development throughout the series.
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