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    Hey old friend Just popping in to say hi! Re-reading some of your old posts and I saw how much you supported me a lot back then. Really appreciate you for that <3 Hope you're doing well!!
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    You still around? If you are I'm back and we are bringing the RP section of the forum back up to pace. Please join us.
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    Ah, didn't know you were big into that series.
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    Ah, I thought you were playing Senran Kagura since you finished Digimon.
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    And you've got Valkyrie Drive coming up. ;p
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    It's a really good game, so yeah if you're wanting a new RPG.
  7. Oh wow! That is a lot to handle! @_@
    Congrats on being an artist though! =D

    Also thanks! It was a good deal on ebay that I found. It came with Freedom Wars (..Meh.) and Persona 4 Golden. (Yay! =D) I bought Shinovi Versus, so I am playing through my copy of Burst on my 2DS before I start that up.

    I also downloaded the demo of Dungeon Travelers 2 that I also enjoy. The interface was more or less ripped from Etrian Odyssey which I find amusing. XD
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    Yeah, it's been complicated. I've been really busy for one since I've been doing work as an artist at Volition. But there's been other things happening that I've been working on resolving. I've been trying to find the time to when to pop back on. Between working lots of hours and just in general being caught up in other things.

    Congrats on the Vita!
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    Ah nice! Don't know how I missed that. XD
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    I guessed you'd be a skimpy lady. ;p

    Is Ace Attorney 6 an actual thing then? If so, count me in! =D
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    Aah, nice!

    I'm glad you were able to get Injustice so cheap. A customer a few weeks ago tried to trade in an American copy of it, and said we could keep it/bin it instead. I put it aside, in case you wanted it, but my manager had a clear out and it got trashed we think. He doesn't remember seeing it. Might still be about, but it doesn't really matter now heh.

    I saw you playing Saints Row the other evening. I still have it from my birthday last year. Not had a chance to play it lol. Having fun? =D

    I've picked up too many handheld RPGs. Only really get to play them on the train to work and back, but even then, I prefer my books (I pass through some pretty rough places). I have Legend of Legacy, Final Fantasy Explorers, Etrian Odyssy, and Trails of Cold Steel. Bravely Second next week, which I'm SUPER excited for. Loved the first game. Do you have a 3DS or Vita? I can send you my friend code.
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    *hugs* Thank you. That means a lot. ^^

    I just need more practise I think. And time. It's been a long time since I've really dabbled with things like Skype and such. Facebook and Twitter are probably my biggest communication tools. And Whatsapp, but that's mostly for work related stuff.

    What games did you pick up? =D

    I started playing Inquisition. I beat The Witcher 3, and know not what to do with my life afterwards... Except start another game that's going to take me a hundred or so hours to complete. xD;
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    Okay, I can work with that no problem! When you've written up a character and what-not we'll intertwine stuff. Let me know if you think of anything!
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    Aha, I don't see why not! Well my character is still in the concept stage so we could feasibly intertwine backstory. What did you have in mind? <3
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    I would never get any work done. How do you do it? I'd get distracted too much. The manager would find me in a book fort reading my life away!

    Hey, have you seen this RP Andromeda is setting up? Might be nice to get one going again! Just like old times!

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Love Makes You Blind

by Victoria on 01-14-2016 at 02:07 PM
Due to some strong feelings for someone a few years ago, I unknowingly turned myself into a hermit and cut myself off from everyone I ever knew because I always wanted to be available to that person. To show them how dedicated and loyal I was.

However, certain incidents and actions over those years that I now see should have given me the red flag that I was in a toxic relationship. A relationship that I truly didn't want. However the feelings I had for this person were so strong that

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So. I think I have returned.

by Victoria on 06-12-2013 at 05:32 PM
I don't really have much of an excuse, save for about just one; about why I left and why I haven't come back until now. Hell, I'm surprised I'm still a member of the staff. Thank you for keeping me on, though. I will do my utmost to stay as active as I can be.

I have to deeply apologize to my friends that I left hanging here and on MSN/Skype or AIM. (I honestly just keep forgetting to sign on AIM.) I'm sorry I never kept contact at all, but I will say that I am back on MSN/Skype if

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