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    Greetings, my former old skool comrade-in-arms! It has been a while since we last spoke. I hope life has treated you well.
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    I'm a little late in reply but ill give it a look right away.
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    I suppose haha^^; I'm just trying to save up as much money as I can right now and finish these classes with A's. It's kind of irritating actually since I'm constantly running around like a knome on speed.

    Haha I rarely do. I normally play everything "new" late. It's just my style
    I probably played older games mostly because I had a hard time sharing the PS3 with my brother, so I stuck to what I liked best--old PS1+2 games and a few older. I recently bought my own PS3 to be greedy, and now, I still can't bring myself to by any new games. I started playing Demon's Souls and it's amazing, but I still don't want to buy Dark Souls; it came out on the 4th of this month. <--this paragraph had horrible sentence structure *
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    Tell me about it. I feel like I'm constantly working these days. Luckily I have no studying to do so I play games in my spare time and go out to clubs. What games are you on? I'm on gears and back on dragon age 2. Actually can't wait to play Skyrim.
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    Not much. I've gotten really busy because of work and school. Other than that just the norm: games, homework, dating, sleep (<3) <---hardy have time for any of it baha

    I started playing Demon's Souls and it's amazing. *hardly plays semi-new games/ new*, so I decided to hold off on Dark Souls.
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    Not bad at all, thank you. Working and playing games as usual. Yourself?
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    I'm great! haha omg youz iz online! :3

    You're Welcome!

    How are Yoooou?
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    Happy Birthday.
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    Happy Birthday sir!!! (: hope you visit the forum soon.
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    Hello, dear. How are things?
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    Good evening ser Psiko, if you are interested in a revolution of a very zany kind and would like to try something (and by try I mean hold my hand and step me through this mess I signed myself up for), then check this out, you may or may not be extremely disappointed! :
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    you may hate it but it does make you read more.

    I'll come on msn later. Right now I'm having a multi-player Company of Heroes. What time are you on 'til.
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    Ha ha. It would be great to see!

    Yeah, when you get into reading through what you have written it can be really annoying. You get to the point where you're changing things most of the time. That can be irritating.
    How is the writing going? What's happened so far?

    Yeah. It's just a little mess around thing that I had in my head.
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    Ahhhhh, I see. I'd be very impressed if you could combust on demand. Especially if you could do it a few times without dying. That would be a sight.

    What have you done with yourself today? I've just started with a nice web-novel. It's in literature. =]
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    Everybody keeps mono-syllabicly exclaiming at me today. What is that?

    Ha ha.
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OLD SKOOL - A positive appellation referring to when things weren't flashy but empty of substance, were done by hard work, didn't pander to the lowest common denominator, and required real skill. Labour-saving devices, shortcuts that reduce quality and quitting before the task is done are not characteristics of "old skool."

In reference to computer games, refers to a game that had substantial playability without flashy graphics or eye candy. Old skool gamers appreciate difficult maneuvers, careful planning, and scorched earth policies.

In reference to role-playing games, old skool refers to games that tested players' wits, could kill off careless characters, and required dedication and inner strength to play. Old skool games didn't pander to the ideas that everyone is created equal, that all options are open to all races, that the markets were somehow free, and that a quasi-medieval society could have near 100% literacy.

See also classic.

Representing the Old Skool ways since 1984.


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