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    Keanu Reeves is welcome to the world of aliens. If you hadn't noticed, he, too has pale skin. (hark, do I foretell a vampire role in future?)
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    "Gee, King Kai, I feel so dumb - woohoo!" Agh, actually, high tech stuffs like a paste that when rubbed on a wall, for instance, looks exactly like thick shiny snot.

    Yeah *scritch scratch* we must honor the social code.

    Terribly sorry, perhaps I should stop traumatizing people...But it's so FUN!

    Ooook! 30-something! I should set up a foundation, invite hordes of snazzy-dressed rich people and we'll all make donations to your cause. I shall, of course, require a small fee for my services *slurp*

    tell, me, Mr. Bond, WHY should I EVER feel inclined to find out what my hair would look like in different textures?

    Well, if we're just talking hair here, why not just go with Edward? (Or is he too shy?)

    T'would also explain his pale complexion, which was my original point, but whatev. I'm also perplexed by his creepy voice. Is that supposed to frighten me, cuz I'm more freaked out by Christopher Walken's twang.

    Why AFTER I'm done? that could take ages. Ages that we don't have.You should read it, tell me what you thought and we'll both - Y'know what? Never mind. I'm think I'm finally ready to start reading another book. I'm just not sure it should be modern. I'm more inclined toward oldies.

    I dunno, maybe I was exerting my energies toward proving my loyalty to the role? FYI, my teeth aren't as shiny as some... grargh, teh self-doubtedness! I should ban that from my brain...
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    Oh, that's because I was a dumbass kid back in the day. I did a bunch of crazy stupid shit
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    My mess ... I'm not very maniac --' Dahhh a little tomboy ... lazy tomboy xP
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    Nope. I once conducted an experiment to see if I could remove my own brain. Getting the brain out as the easy oart. The hard part was getting the brain out! *insert maniacal laughter here*
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    ..... Pardon?
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    Have you SEEN that alien movie with Keanu Reeves? He's incapable of meanness! It's just not alien, dude!
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    It's okay, I don't really HAVE muscles, so it'll be more of a me relying on high-tech stuffs movie.

    Har har har. Welp, the thing they forgot to mention in that sentence is that it takes an awful long time to find people who matter, and it's best not to scare them away early on.

    I see. Why don't we just extend the centers of every word? Instead of "pop" it'll be... never mind.

    Yeah, that, or you're banned from the library.

    I was beginning to wonder what real food was (dramatic shadows over Cyan's profile as she stares into the eyes of a potato), thanks for setting me straight.

    Whoa! James Franco? Whatiahoot? I can totally picture that grin (mesmerizing)

    Well, you'll notice those kiddy pants look a tad stretchy on him, and all his friends are shorter, so, yeah. I'd say 20-ish. Tis, true, though, that his face is very well preserved for his age. Has he been living in a mummy casket?

    Yup, I read that one! Totally I should rent more books. Somebody recommended "hunger games" You know that one?

    Gun-kissing, well, duh! I think I'll need some rattier teeth, tho.
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    My avatar or actual pic? And it's crazy because I've been at the same site since I was a dumbass kid up until present
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    I believe it's been two years, but I have trouble counting that high, so don't take my word for it.
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    Gotta pay what I gotta pay. Hahaha. Moooooolah! I'll have to stand it. No option LOL.

    Hmmm. Well, I would like to go to Paris! Venice! I want to see the pyramids in Egypt. I want to see like natural wonders, because the world is full of amazing natural wonders. Hmmm, I'd like to visit a few TFF friends
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    I don't have dental insurance. I don't know much about it either. But that is how much these things usually cost. I can afford it. So it'll be all good. It'll take 2 years to complete the treatment. But I can't wait to have a purdy smile

    Yeah it'd be nice to see the world.
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    Good thank u
    I have to tidy up my mess but it's okay lol
    And you ?
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    I'm getting braces! It's gonna cost like $6800! I do want to travel one day too. But teeth first! Haha.
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