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    I thought it was a pretty good idea for a thread. And I thoroughly enjoyed the research I had to do to understand dimensions better, even though I'm still pretty confused about it.
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    What was the comment Alpha deleted? I never got the chance to read it.
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    RP is a form of entertainment for me. And part of those looking to be entertained are those participating. We aren't RPing for others not in the RP to be entertained as the primary reason we're doing it. We're RPing to entertain each other and be entertained by what we do. If outsiders are reading our RP, then they're welcome. But our primary goal was to entertain each other. Reactive play was more entertaining for people here and it is the style bred.

    It's just a difference of personal preference.
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  5. Sometimes I VM myself trying to reply.

    Why are self-VMs a thing?
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    Relax, boy. I'm not judge Gabranth... (FF joke there). I don't think I've ever gauged who I will and won't be friends with based on jobs. I have a friend who works as a DJ FFS, that's a fancy way of saying you know how to change a CD.
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    I'm a music teacher. What about you?
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    Mine's Aimee. I think a lot of people here know that but most people just call me Hyz anyway. OT? That makes me think of Hobnobs. I like Hobnobs.
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    Well make sure you clean yourself up, then.

    Single pringle, yeah. I'd love to say I'm married to my work but I argue with that more than anything. The closest i have to a relationship is y toothbrush but even that betrays me from time to time. Manchester night life is... Questionable... So I have to look in other areas.
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    Lets keep in mind, I'm actually thinking of CIV3 when we talk about this. Perhaps its different on the older ones.
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    Like 'I rub my golden sun on your suikoden, breath of fire all up your neck... Chrono Trigger... Earthbound?' My days, no...

    I agree. I actually used to post a lot about old RPG's with Rocky back in the day in General gaming.

    I've been in Cambridge/ Manchester being ****ing awesome, that's where. I once had a dance off with a pigeon.
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    Its interesting but I dont see that strategy being effective long term. Given the right set of circumstances it seems undesirable at best, but if you've managed to conquer with it then it must be okay. I just think the lack of attention to your cities, its happiness and its affected production of structures and your investments towards technology in science etc, all take a backseat to wartime builds. Have you experimented with changing government types?
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    I'll take a look if it's possible for me to get it. For some reason these Japanese RPG's are elusive in Europe. Hopefully it's available.

    Fire Emblem eluded you? Oh no no no, you need to play it. If you like tactics game then there is no excuse. They're fantastic. If you get Path of Radiance then your save will carry over to it's sequel, Radiant Dawn as well... Which is awesome.

    I think Golden Sun was a gameboy-only title but it was phenomenal, it really was.

    What about Suikoden, then? I only played one of them and i can't remember which but I remember it being good, but a little bit too cumbersome to travel. Like a hundred or so recruitable NPC's as well Which is sweeeeeeeet.
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    It was a great game! I have the original map on my wall and everything! I'm so cool you wouldn't believe.

    Secret is the only one I've played, to be honest. I always heard people talk about Seiken Densetsu and they wouldn't tell me what it was. I found it though, I found it...

    Nope. :/ I don't think Xenogears was released in the UK. Which is kinda poo, I know. /sadface

    Golden Sun, Breath of Fire, Fire Emblem?
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    I love all Tales games. They haven't let me down like Square have. I even love the modern ones... The ones that I've played at least. Symphonia is one of my all time favourite games. SNES, huh? I whipped out mine not too long ago. I bought it a few years back along with Illusion of Time and Secret of Mana. I figured just because I was tiny when these games came out that isn't an excuse not to play them.

    I don't know what you just said... My brain won't let me read that... I can't... ERROR... ERROR...
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