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    I am thoroughly enjoying the discussion in the review thread. I'm glad you're not afraid to voice your opinions, especially because we're on opposite ends of the spectrum. (But thanks for clarifying the miscommunication earlier!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odin1199 View Post
    Which one's better, the first one or the second one?
    I'm gonna go ahead and delete this message and ask that you start a new thread about this subject, and that you answer your own question when you do.
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    You think you could maybe add more content to future posts? The ones you posted in General Gaming today are pretty short... I wouldn't necessarily give you a warning for them, but they're kinda teetering on the edge of what's an acceptable length and what isn't. Try to add to the convo a little when you post, think of it that way. kthanxbye
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    We should start FFXI together so we have some friends to run around with!
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    what are you mean?)))
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    A heads up. When responding to VMs (visitor messages) don't write in your own box. The person you are talking to won't know you responded. Either click on their name and type in their message box or click on "view conversation" then type in that conversation box.

    Actually the original Final Fantasy dealt with time as well. A time loop. The story wasn't as in depth, just a standard rpg story, though with time travel and for the time period it was anything but "standard".
  7. Cool, I felt it would as well. FFVIII's design was pretty complex. Plus no other FF games had a story as twisted as FFVIII and I don't think any other game will have a story like that. Time Compression, that's pretty crazy, right? And original. It's one of those games you'll never forget.
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    I like FFVIII a bit more than FFVII. As you can see here in this llink my rankings for the series.

    I like how the summons were used in FFVIII more, making them integral to character growth. Was pretty nifty. And how they player could boost the power of the GF's attack was a nice feature. The magic systems are pretty close. Though I may give a slight edge to FFVII with the materia system. It allowed for some nice combos to be made and I actually used more magic in the game. In FFVIII I stayed away from using certain magic because I had them junctioned to my stats. The battle systems are pretty even too. FFVII does, however, have the protect and shell bars that lets the player know when those spells need to be re-casted a nice feature.

    Anything else?
  9. I see. Maybe later. So what FF games are you playing now? I'm playing FF1, 2 and 4 especially. I played 1-6 and 8, but never tried 9-14. If you were to pick one or two from 9-14, which would be the best as I might try to find and play them.
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    Basically the items are just for show. They don't do much otherwise. I think that on the old system people could give them to other members. I have never tried so I don't really know. I have bought a few items (Potions, Antidotes, Staves), but I tend to spend all my Gil at the Arcade.

    Well, there aren't any assignments or challenges. I know that there are some LPs members can join that offer challenges for certain games (like not being able to summon in Final Fantasy X). The Flock of Noobies is mainly for new members to get their foundations and friendships established with other members. I know that if you were to sign up to be an Adoptee in the Adoption Agency, you are required to make 100 posts or be there for two months. But I don't know of any actual requirements, other than making posts and Leveling Up and gaining ranks as a member.

    I guess if you wanted, you can make a suggestion about that in Forum Feedback. It might be fun!
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    My name is Michael Swayne, and let me be one of the first people to welcome you to TFF. I am a member of the Social Group called Flock of Noobies. We are a group focused on new members. Our group is always looking for new members, and was wondering if you would like to join. I will be sending you an invite, but you can also click on "Community" at the top of the page, then click on "Social Groups", and look for us there. Hope to see you there!

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