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    the new album was unreal wasnt it?
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    It's an erotic rendition of Sleeping Beauty, and by far the craziest book I've ever read. It's a trilogy as well, I'm almost done with the second one. It's not really my thing, but it's like watching a train wreck... I have to KNOW. What happens. Anyway, certainly worth a look, it blows Fifty Shades out of the water in the first two chapters alone.
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    So, I have to ask you this because I'd love to discuss it XD - have you checked out the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice?
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    Haha I refuse to read those books. The main character's inconsistencies bothered me in the few pages that I've read. Not to mention the whole inner goddess thing, if ever I need a good laugh I know where to go. ;P

    I'm surprised how big of a hit that trilogy is, and apparently it's going to be made into a film? How will they do that without it being a semi-porno? XD

    Sorry, I have a fair amount of hate for those books, pardon my rant, but a Song of Ice and Fire is amazing. The author does terrible things to the reader though, be forewarned. <3
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    LOL thanks, he's my future hubby. =]. I wasn't a fan of season two, they deviated from the book too much for my liking.

    && bless you! I'm glad you did, I wanted that topic to seem a lot less intimidating than it would seem in the ID forum.

    Also, the books are better than the show, hands down I suggest reading them.
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    Thank you for replying in PRK9, I'm on a mission to revive it. =]

    Also, your avatar is adorable, jsyk. <3
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    thats the one, kinda disappointing isn't it... hopefully they'l rock things up soon!
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    aw that one for the olympics?
    its just... ugh.... not good at all,... they need to strip back to their roots, just theyre instruments and his voice, and forget about the whole choral queen sound i think
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    Ahh I see! Whereabouts?
    I have friends in Middleton
    Haha I suppose you're right, could have been tragic if I'd been wrong though..
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    Lily! You were the fine lady who lived in Ashton were you not? Bad memory and all that jazz, haha. How is the old place? Won't lie, I'm glad to have escaped..
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    ya lucky sod

    must get back into muse again... never really gave the resistance album much of a chance
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    aw BOLLOCKS!!

    UGH, I DUNNO IF iM GONNA HAVE THE MOTIVATION and patience (dam caps) to do that. fml perhaps after some time il crack at it, but no way am i starting that again...

    kinda bleak for me and concerts this summer,.. nothin really lined up apart from next weekend a local music fest I'l be going to... dunno if youl know anyone on the line up Welcome I get in free the weekend cos Ive to play at it but sure cant do any harm, bar some possible liver damage
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    aw stop time just flies, hopefully you'l get them, last time I seen them was 2010 I think,... wouldve loved to see them when the did the origin album live .. that the one you were at?

    oh yea, meant to ask ya, your a real ff9 head arent ya?
    cos Im on the 3rd disc were you get sent to the forgotten contenent (think thats the name) and the place you enter you cant use magic spells because theres a sheild or somethin, and like a ****in eejit I chose garnet and vivi in the party, and I cant get back to change the party, kuja has them captured, and I over writ my game,
    doomed am I?
    **** it like, about 60 hours agameplay aghh
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    yea,mad isnt it roastin here too today, ah i dunno anymore
    Deadly! didn't even know they were touring again must look into that see if theyre playing here
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    well hows things for ya these days, any mad shenanigans in manchasta lately?

    dem floods affectin you atal? im ****in ragin, its meant to be summer wtf!?
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