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    hahaha. the guy in the elevator IS me.
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    Have you seen the leaked script... April regular teenager! Shredder modern army general!... that man must be stoped.
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    Seeing him brake Batmans back was a really nice touch by Nolan, I resent he kept footage of Bane's actual background to himself (there's no trace of it even on the blu-ray version of the movie). I wish they went with Banes original voice, it sounded way more intimidating, also what's with the lack of puns, there should have been room for "I will be the bane of you" =D
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    Oh, schoolwork, I won't ask about it then (for my sake, not yours, I had some traumatizing experiences)
    Aw, while away, I guess every time I think of the forums, I'll just draw another sketch, so it won't be entirely unproductive.
    Funny video.
    If I tried that on Beelzebub, tho, I'd have twice the scratches I do now. We took in another stray, he's THE WORST BEHAVED KITTEN I've ever had to deal with. Just recently he gave me a two-inch scar along my knuckle (my drawing hand, to boot).
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    Wuz I? It's all such a blur to me. I think I might've been abducted by a gang of rabbits with white mittens...
    No, my life's going off track and I'll have to leave again in a few days. But how're things on your end?
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    Saw this like 3 months ago at GSL finals (doubt you're into Starcraft) in Busan. I then had to link that song to everyone I knew, and then it blew up, even in the US. PSY is ****ing awesome hahah.
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    Hello again! Ooh, I love your Profile Pic. So hilarious!
    How've you been lately?
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    Yes, she is a bit of a looker isnt she. I much preffered the way she looked in the first seasons of BBT though. I liked her straight fringe. Did you know she was actually dating lenoard in real life during the first few seasons? Then they broke up, much like how they played it out in the scripts. How awkward must that be to act out what happened to them in reality. I bet there would be a lot of tension there.
  9. lool "Im a Bat!" XDD
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    I like comedies too but mostly I prefer rom-com's. They're just really good. Plus all the comedy movie made today are mostly rom-com,s. Me and my sisters love watching horror movies, even the really pathetic ones If you like horror movies and not the ones like Grudge or The Ring etc, then you should certainly watch Grave Encounters. It's truly an awesome movie and it's really really really scary. All the people I know who watched this movie were completely terrified. It is for sure the scariest movie I have ever seen. I also appreciate a good suspense movie once in a while but too much suspense drives me crazy. Sometimes for fun, I also like watching completely cliched movies.
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    Hahaha that's definitely alternative! Thank you
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    Oh I remember that scene. God, the hand was pretty weird plus it was making such weird noises. The movie no doubt was lame but I actually had fun watching it coz' it was pretty funny. I'll try to watch Army of Darkness, I get a feeling it'll be good. And I don't think it will be a waste of my time coz' Evil Dead was certainly not.
    By the way, what kind of movies do you like to watch?
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    Oh you must be talking about that post. Well you know when I watched evil dead, I didn't like the movie but I didn't say anything about the guy (Bruce Campbell) being bad or anything. I actually really like him and there's no doubt that he is very good looking. I haven't watched Army of Darkness but I've heard it's pretty good. By the way, did you like Evil Dead 2?
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    ... What?
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