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    As an aside, if you wish to edit your user title, it may clear out the custom formatting. Let me know any time you do so and I can edit your profile in the admin panel to reset it to your fancy blue bardness. I assumed you wanted that color based upon ripping it directly out of your thread.
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    Agreed. Gilgamesh is one of my favorite summons, right up there with Odin and Bahamut. The real Gilgamesh, or Bilgamesh, was a Mesopotamian King. The FF character also draws inspiration from a Japanese legend regarding a warrior who killed 999 swordsman, claiming their swords as his prize.

    In my FF Tribute series, I also give him a FAR more prominent, respectable role as the heroes only hope of defeating Alexander, who is controlled by the primary villain. Alexander vs Gilgamesh proves as one of the best fights in the first 7 stories.
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    Well I'm no novelist, so my works will likely bore you. All of my stories are for the screen, so I don't Tolkien it up for you at all. I keep a good pace, giving and holding detail where needed. Where's the fun if I give you EVERYTHING, leaving nothing for you to play with on your own?
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    What style would that be?
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    While that would be better than nothing, it doesn't actually hwlp, boss.
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    Support the local RP scene and have some fun at the same time!
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    I'll have to check out that video you sent me from a full browser. For some reason, Chrome on my phone won't let me pull it up.
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    So when I fought tooth & nail for creative writing, when I asked anyone who could write in english (available ATM or not) to support RP, where were you?
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    I could almost believe you, if not for the fact that the the people who opposed me the most, ALL liked post in question.

    Plus we have never even spoken... A bit ovefzealous for 2 strangers, no?
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    Ha ha ha! Okay, I'll play along.

    Clearly your memory has betrayed you, so allow me to refresh it:

    "Hey,March 2012 - November 2014.

    How will history remember the OutlawTorn era? The world may never know.

    I think I speak for at least one of us when I say 'A toast to you, good sir, for wanting to communicate on a specific-interest internet forum instead of ****ing social media networks.'"

    If that isn't the most passive-aggressive, sarcastic body of text in message board history, I'll have to ask you to refrain from pissing on my neck and telling me it's raining.

    You have yourself a swell day, Sport!
  11. Thanku for the links! ^^
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    hey, excellent avatar
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    Thought you might find this interesting.
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    Okay, so I know you don't do FB and whatnot. But I'm sure you must have a cell. PM me the number if you want? Easy to stay in contact that way for sure!
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    Hey man, what do you think of the news of mighty no.9 about MM2's composer doing the music for it? think we'll hear some good soundtracks?
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