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    Also you have now been repped up lol
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    My other main will be Kain (rhyme all the time)
    He just seems like an awesome character, like the Japanese voice actor made him sound cool and his fighting reminds me of Bartz but less sucky lol
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    Why yes I am lol I'm unsure whether to preorder or to just waltz in and buy it like I did with Dissidia I (or would it be [013]?)

    I know already I'm gonna main with Vaan (never played XII but he seems really cool)
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    I wasn't attacking you, broseph, I was whining about how no one commented on my post ^ - ^ I can be a bit of an attention whore sometimes
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    *anger face*
    I just wrote a whole thread on our battle. Apparently, I lost momentary connection and everything I wrote was lost. It took me 30 minutes to do that.
    Anger... pure wrought anger...
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    Cool, great.
    And yep, it will be awesome fighting your character.
    Who should post the fighting thread first, you or me?
    If I post first, I set up the story, if you post first, same thing, you post the story.
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    Sorry, it's kinda comparable to clouds in game abilities.
    My bad guys in my game are a little to strong, but I will attempt to weaken a few and post Character 2.
    If you want, you can post your holy knight if you wish.
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    Well, think about it like this.
    Guns move dam fast, and unless the other person has some type of unwordly ability to react in time, it is instant death. Actaully, arrows aren't allowed either, unless personal request haha
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    Hmm, okay.
    Well, my character I have made for my video I am creating, so I have allot to him, but chose to cut a large portion of his power due to the present of godmodding haha
    I think guns aren't allowed, but, My character may be able to "dodge" a gunshot.
    I use a sword, and white matter as main conduit of attacks.
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    Hmm, well, my character is more like a FF6-9 character.
    Let's see, he doesn't like anything that has to do with darkness at all and won't hesitate to fight them. Has minor magic, has great techs, Hmm.
    Well, what is your character going to be based of from?
  11. DUUUUUUUDE!!!!111 Whats Up? Dang, Its Been Too Long. How Are Ya?
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    Oh, hell yea haha.
    Well, should I put up another thread?
    Oh and, is your character in the statistics?
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    Gwahaha, its derivative from the new staffing changes that happened recently.
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    Nope, currently it's on indefinite hiatus. It all depends on whether they wanna give it a go or not, but I can't say for sure whether it'll be revived or not.
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    Just a running joke between me him and one person that hasn't figured the joke out yet. Giving it some time to see if she catches on.
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Gone but not forgotten

by HUNK on 01-18-2022 at 06:24 PM
So its 2022 now and it seems activity on the forums really slowed down... I never forgot this place, though I did loose my password and couldn't log in until very recently. Still there was that talk about the forums shutting down entirely or having to move domains or something. Best I can tell, seems they hashed it out.

I really appreciate them keeping the forums alive though. I joined when I was twelve years old... When I say that my generation grew up with the internet, I mean that

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First blog ramble...

by HUNK on 09-14-2012 at 09:48 PM

So I'm just waaaaay to lazy to bother posting my journal. If this means that it'll be deleted, I'm not too saddened. It's cool to re-read every once in a blue moon but it's about time nostalgia took backseat to progression. (oooh, that almost sounds scary. )

So I have absolutly no clue as to what a blog is supposed to be really, so I'm just gonna do as I usually do and talk about life. (My life to be exact, but you may have gone through similar stuff, so maybe

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