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    I'm glad you understand. My liking of Norse mythology and disliking of FF9 has nothing to do with you as a person.

    And congrats!!

    So many issues with 9. Hated the overall presentation. It felt very juvenile and Disney'esque. Couldn't relate to or invest in ANY of the characters because they all felt forced; like fairy tale rejects or something. They trageted a younger audiance to prep from a new console and thus a new era of FF titles and gamers. Even 10 was a pre-teen mess. But they also harkened back to the SNES era format. "This is Stan. Stan is a Mage. He's ONLY good for casting spells."

    It was basic, simplistic and limiting; the opposite of 8 which was mundane, mature, dynamic as hell in all apsects from character classes being blank canvasses, the GF skill and abilitiy system and how that intertwined with magic, items, cards, chara stats/Abilities, boosts, non-battle perks... 8 was the height of the Franchise's evolution in that era, and 9 destroyed it all to take a lunge backward.
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    Thanks for the merge! I was like I've been robbed! Then again that was my fault for naming the thread completely unrelated to the topic at hand. If you get a chance you should give it a read definitely worth it! Thanks again ma'am!
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    its a great way to learn different words and even to learn how sentences are structured (which is even more important). Listening to catchy songs and having the words stuck in your head is one of the best ways haha
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    ... They'll want to do those things because they'll want to make you happy! They'll see your face and be like, "Oh, that lady. I need to impress her!"

    Heh, I've already had to study between work... I had my CDC's-like 400-some pages-that I had to pass a test within 6 months for. Then I studied for a couple CLEPs (tests that count as college credit). It'll probably be more of the same. I have lots of down time at my job... you don't even know, haha.

    Did you see this thread? It might help you with that BS. Computers and software are such wonderful things, aren't they?

    Maybe she didn't ask for it back right away because we had been talking about me coming out and visiting her still, after she broke up with me. Then her parents were all like "You can't ever see him again!" But it got to her. I checked my tracking number today, and it arrived this morning. Hopefully that's the last I'll hear of that episode in my life
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    You will be an AMAZERING teacher :3 You're a very nice lady, but you're firm when you need to be. I've seen you in action as a moderator. You're gonna do awesome!

    Yeah, It'll be in between work, but I should have a lot of time during work to do classwork as well. It gets pretty mind-numbing at the office... I hate the afternoons. I end up wandering around, harassing coworkers, haha.

    Hrm. That's foolish. Wonder what's going on with that Skype. Maybe you'll just have to not have your status perma-set to "busy," haha (then again, I could have my status not perma-set to "appear offline" too.)

    So Dodie's mom texted me yesterday-I haven't heard from Dodie herself since January-asking me to send some of her stuff back. I said I found it odd that she was texting me, as per Dodie and I were on good terms the last time we talked. To which she replied "No one's on bad terms." To which I was like "Really?" and I asked her some questions that she refused to answer. So I gathered the stuff up to send her, and told some other people about it, and they were like, "You shouldn't send it to her unless you hear it from Dodie herself." And I was like "Yeah, I shouldn't!" So I told her mom that if Dodie wanted the stuff, she needed to contact me herself. To which she responded that the next time they came out to Little Rock, they'd talk to my base commander about it. I talked to my supervisor, and she assured me they would not get far, but she told me I should just send the stuff anyway so I don't have to deal with it. Send it CERTIFIED though, so SHE has to sign for it. Which I did. I also forwarded my mom the texts between Dodie's Mom and I, and she got on her case and sent me the text between them.

    I'm pretty much done with that girl.
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    Well, congratulations, lady! Good job on getting through all your schooling. I know that has been a source of a lot of stress for you throughout the time that I've known you, basically, heh... And yeah, I think most people are not fond of that math stuff, haha. Me especially. It can be applied to a lot of things though, so it is a useful tool to be able tow wield. Teach them well! (I'm sure you will ) I've sent an application in to Oregon State University, myself, and am waiting on my transcripts to get there. All goes well, I will study online at the beginning of next year. I have always wanted to be a Beaver (school mascot).

    I suppose I'm still alive. I check back in here from time to time to see if I've gotten any messages or anything. It's just that there are a lot of people here that I don't really care for... And I know they don't care for me either. So yeah. I see you on Skype a lot, logging in and out, heh. I've tried messaging you a few times, but I think because your status is always set to "busy," it doesn't notify you. Oh well. I'm glad to hear you're doing well!
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    Exactly! "It means your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!" -Doc Brown :3

    I dunno. I can't really imagine myself doing too many other things and enjoying them though. I can't imagine being an analyst for the rest of my life. Maybe I can get a useless degree and try to do it, and do something else as my day job until I make it though.

    I was gonna say, "That doesn't sound like fun!" But yeah, I hope you enjoy that FF13 series more than I do, heh...
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    What would you do instead? Practically gotta have a degree to get a job in this world... And on that subject, if I could go back in time... haha. But my choices up to this point define the person that I am now. The good and the bad. Also you'd change the past for the people around you. You seen that Butterfly Affect movie? That's REAL LIFE when time travel is involved!

    I took a personality test last night to see which jobs matched me. Got INFJ, and it was like "You should be a cartoonist or author musician!" And I was like "...I'd like to do something that will make me money, thank you." Maybe I'll study journalism and become a blogger. Woo, internet!

    So have you done anything fun now that you have free time again? :3
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    I haven't started on my Bachelor's yet, heh. I can soon, however. I just don't know what I want to get a Bachelor's in. I took a quiz, and it told me I should study Women's Rights or something. I was like "That's interesting, but I don't know if it's true."
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    Hi lady. Nice to hear you're alive still :3 Congratulations on getting through all that crap! I should be able to apply for a second Associate's Degree, too. And then actually study things I want to study for my Bachelor's Degree, yay! Now to only figure out what I WANT to study...
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    It's okay lady :3 I just wanted to make sure I hadn't peripherally made you mad by goings on. Life is happening for you quite thoroughly right now, it sounds like. I wish you the best of luck with your state exam, ma'am <3 Take care of that boyfriend too.
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    This may sound like a strange question, but... are we okay, or are you mad at me for some reason?
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    Hiya Freya! I was wondering if you would change the age in my Adopter profile to 27. Also, I need to update the Misc. Information as well. I would like it to read:

    A writer by nature, Michael has a long vocabulary and likes to use it. Whether it is in his blog here on TFF or the gaming/news blog he maintains, he makes full use of his three languages. And he's always willing to lend an ear, no matter what the problem. When he isn't playing video games, or writing about video games, he is out on his bicycle...provided it doesn't have something broken on it.
    Thank you!
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