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    Haaa Yes... I know... I'm answering two years after xD I'm long to answer :X
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    Hey. It's your birthday! Have a good one!
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    Ohh, your profile picture is cute x) Aegyo
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    Hahahaha....... Wolfie sounds like a funny but cute name. But firefly seems the best
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    Thanks, miss
    let me know what results you get later on down the line with your sports !
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    Yeah! I did. Do you like it? It just seems different. But you on the other hand haven't changed your username since, I guess, I've been here. But I like yours. It seems to suite you.
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    Im on a modified version of it, I like to think of it as a permanent change though. I dont eat carbs on days I dont work out, and make sure to eat carbs after my workouts to ensure my muscles get the glycogen. Its important for me to consume carbs directly after my workout. The good kind, of course
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    hey there, just wanted to know how the diet was going? Did you follow up with a doctor or did you start already?
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    I thought I'd just drop by and say Hi!
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    I was considering it, but I consulted my a few of my friends who are very knowledgable when it comes to personal fitness and diet. They do atkins diet 8 weeks prior to summer to get that shredded look that you can only get if you have good muscle definition. For all other purposes, its a great way to burn off fat. They say its completely healthy, so I decided to do some furthar research. I found out that Carbohydrates are not a dietary requirement, henceforth you cannot harm yourself by restricting your carb intake. Some great foods like vegetables, contain carbohydrates, but they are of a more complex kind that arnt detrimental to your progress. Have you ever seen a person become fat from eating vegetables? Anyway, the idea is to not exclude vegetables, but to exclude basically every other carb you can think of. No pasta, no rice, (this includes the brown or 'wholegrain' kind), no chocolates, chips, (patato is not great to have, even though its a vegetable) and just your basic junk foods. The foods your diet should consist of is lots of meats, small portions of vegetables such as peas, brocholli, carrot, onion, garlic, lettuce etc. Its actually a hard diet to follow if you are used to snacking, because there literally isnt really any snack foods that wont be detrimental to your progress unless you like the taste of celery. I dont reccomend eating fruits either. Give it a shot for about a month, because by then you should see some great results.

    If you are still unsure, consult your doctor because Id be very interested to hear what they have to say. I was 86kg, I weighed myself yesterday and im now 78.5. Thats a total of about 8kg. This has been the only thing that has ever worked for me and I swear by it. The theory is undeniable.
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    It does make one wonder what they have planned for season 2. Then again, Korra only just awakened to her airbending and spiritual side. Probably gonna be somethin about mastering those. Can't help but wonder who the villian'll be though. Amon and Tarlock are dead, at least I sincerely doubt they lived through that, so now they'll have to bring in someone else.
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    Actually Meelo took down 6 Equalists. And Jinora just out and bitch slapped Lieutenant. Maybe they should've just sent the kids to fight Amon. I am happy that all the "Asami's Evil" theories proved wrong. She turned out to be pretty kick ass.
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    Haaa ^^ I never played at it... yet ;P
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    Yeah, it's a shame what happened to Lin. Still, at least she went down like a boss right? I gotta appreciate that they gave this series such a darker tone. It fits with the idealogical war thing.
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    Like your new avatar pic ^^ Is it from kingdom hearts ?
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