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    Hiya friend hope you are doing well.
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    When the hell did you come to Arkansas? Shit now I have nowhere to hide from TFF lol.
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    Hey you still around? If you are you should come RP with us!
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    how's it going? <3
  5. Hey Julie, how have you been lately?
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    this is an auto caption I took a screenshot of in someone's playthrough of FFXII, thought you might enjoy this auto caption
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    Ok, that sounds like a good deal for Tekken. I found myself playing DoA5 alot recently. theres this one girl i made friends with on PSN who is crazy good at the game, we were training last night and she wore me out since we were on training mode, the sparring was endless lol, but yeah I'll make sure to get on.

    Yeah spirit tracks is pretty cool so far, i like the concept that zelda's spirit can transfer into machines and she can take control of them, shes quite the exorcist if you know what I mean. Have you heard of Marvelous at all? I came across it recently, apparently this game has been made by Aonuma as well as his recent zelda games! The game is for Super Nintendo/Super Famicom and it is inspired by ALttP and I'm pretty sure it uses the same game engine but more advanced and you have a team of 3 kids who explore different islands, each having their own ability. You get items that will help you solve puzzles and get across each island and there's also a feature where you point and click to stuff to investigate whats there and this game also has another cool feature, teamwork! when there is a big obstacle you can't move with just one person (you can use each one individually) you hit the teamwork button and then they will assemble together to push or pull the object out of the way, or into it's proper place. You also use it with switches that are out of reach and they climb on top of each other to reach it. Quite a fun game for something inspired from the zelda series.

    It would be cool of someone made a complete mod of that game and created a entire zelda game out of it, it would be as if there was another Zelda game for the SNES. As for animal crossing, i'm getting tempted more and more lately, I could look around on craigslist and trade one of my 3DS games out for it. It would save me money right there as long as their copy is a good working copy.
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    How is it? I thought about getting animal crossing but I don't play my 3DS enough, however I have been trying to change that by playing Spirit Tracks which I never played before and enjoyed so far. Currently I am playing a Zelda inspired game on SNES emulator so yeah I occupied haha. BTW I had a lot of fun playing you and ryu at tekken whether I won or lost. You two will probably get me good next time we have a room set up in the game.
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    Thought you'd enjoy this picture You Came to the Wrong Village - Cheezburger
  10. Okay, thanks anyways ^_^ Me and noxious.sunshine already started discussing it. We are not far into the process of making the RP, but at least we got started. Anyway, once it is completed, then you can read it all you want and let us know how we did.
  11. Hey Julie I was wondering...would you like to maybe start or make an RP with me? I want to create something that will make people want to read more. I haven't done anything like this in ages, but I still have a creative mind. I know I can get carried away at times, but hey, that's just how it is sometimes...Hehe ^_^'
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    hey whats up? i had a question if you ever get this, have you seen my pic stuff over in visual media? if you have what do you think of it? i wanted to ask someone whose in expertise of artsy stuff so i'd thought i'd ask you. how is everything otherwise?
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    Gurl, whatcha up to. I haven't talked to you in a while. Heard you was comin down to snatch Tele.
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    Dodie16 is best TFFer. EVER. ....EVEREVEREVER (the message was too short as is)
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    hey, i know this is a bit late, but merry christmas! haha. hope you had a great christmas this year.
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