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    I am not a coffee drinker. I like the smell and that is the extent of how much I like coffee. I have no plans or dreams on opening a restaurant. They are a very risky business with a lot closing their doors within a couple of years of opening up. Cooking for myself or for a few people is different than cooking at a restaurant. The quantities are larger and I would imagine some things are made ahead of time, before they're ordered, anticipating the customers. Another negative is with restaurants, and a lot of small businesses, the hours for owners are taxing. I'll stick to cooking for myself.
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    It has been a long time. I wondered where you had gone. Life has been pretty good. Nothing really has changed; I am still working and going to school. I've been trying some new recipes, expanding my cooking repertoire.

    How have you been?
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    Drawing lost interest to me. It has been a while since I stopped, but perhaps I gained other interests. My hobby now is cooking. I love trying new recipes, making them my own, eating my creations, and then perfecting the recipe so I know it very well.
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    I used to draw as well; I was decent. I knew one guy who was really good; his drawings were really detailed. Last I heard he is a tattoo artist which suits his talents.

    What do you usually draw? I, however, do not have an instagram. I stay away from social media.
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    Right now I am taking Ethics and Principles of Macro-Economics. The discussions are just ethical questions that we must answer relating to the chapter we're currently on at the time. By dropping the class I mean: they signed up, did some work, then eventually you don't hear from them probably because they are no longer taking the course. Hence they "dropped" the class from their work load.

    I kind of got tired of homework, especially with subjects I was naturally good at, around 6th grade; so I would be 11 years old at that time. School in general became kind of boring it was too monotonous.
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    Pretty good. I am about to go home for my sister's wedding. I am quite excited about it. I haven't seen my family and dog in over a year. I also plan on going to a concert in Baltimore, MD while I am home. I am also taking a couple of courses for college which both are going very well. I have noticed that it seems a few people have dropped the classes; there are less people posting in the discussions for homework.

    How are things with you?
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    Hahahaha. Same here. None of my best friends are married yet. So we are in the same boat.
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    No speech from me. Usually the best man and the head bride's maid says something. It should be fun, though a little depressing. I'll be the only one not married out of my siblings. Where I am at now the prospect of me getting married is not good.

    But my grandparents from New York will be atttending, which is good. My dad and I will be driving up there, from Virginia, to pick them up.

    I have wanted to read the quranas well as the bible, pretty much all the major religious texts.
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    The apartment is pretty nice. It is a newly built complex. I like having a decent kitchen. Now I can get my cooking on.

    Do you enjoy cooking? Or cook at all? What has
    been keeping you so busy?

    I am getting ready for my younger sister's wedding. It is in september, on our grandmother's 80th birthday. So it will be a joyous event.
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    Sorry for the long wait for a response. I mainly use tapatalk to visit tff and it doesnt show if I have visitor messages. Kind of lame. How have you been doing? Life is pretty good for me. Moved in to a new apartment.
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    Hey girl sorry I took so long to reply haha Yeah I am going good, how are you?
    How was Ramadan? have you celebrated that this year yet (sorry if I misspelled it haha)
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    Well President Morsi, declared some powers that are signs of a dictatorship, like not being under judicial review. He is basically trying consolidate power and not held in check along the lines of a "checks and balance" system. From the outside it does not look good.

    The jews were granted their ancestral home after the events of WWII and the holocaust. That was a UN general assembly act. England had control of the territory at the time due to their/allied victory over the Ottomans in WWI.

    No weapons of mass destruction (wmd's) - in this case chemical weapons - have been used in syria. Those chemical weapons belonging to syria as there are fears Assad may use them against the rebels who are closing in. Israel did warn syria not to move them or something because Israel does not want them falling into the wrong hands, chiefly Hezzbollah. Israel did fite some warning shots,into syria, weeks ago when some of syria's artillery was coming into israel due to the fighting.
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    Usually a statement. I have fired a gun only once in my life and that was recently. I would like to get more practice.
    With gaza/palestinians I think that had to do with palestine not being considered a country. I know they just got upgraded in the UN.

    I forgot to ask about your thoughts on egypt, their president and the recent actions he took.
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    What you found is accurate. It could also include not being seriously injured. Basically your are in good health. What are your feelings on Syria's situation? I wish the U.N. would step or NATO as the latter did in Libya, but they are being their typical selves.
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    Constitutional republic that engages in laissez-faire capitalism. That protects individual rights, allowing the people to live their own life. For some the results are good, others bad. But it did show that the country is still divided. Most of the media has a liberal bias, so they show obama in more favorable light. It is unfortunate that our press would get invloved in such a manner. Our founders did not give this country freedom of the press so that they may take sides politically. Our voices can be heard, however because of how divided we are the nation is in a gridlock still. Obama was re-elected, the democrats control the senate still & the republicans maintained control of the house.
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