Legend of dragoon

Lot's and lot's of dragoon pictures!
  1. ....I... Want... To... STAB HIM!!!
  2. We will all miss you =( 
(Especiall H.U.N.K because you lasted longer in a game =)
  4. This is a picture of Legend of dragoon. 
(Left) Dart Fire  (Center) Shana Light (right) Rose dark
  5. This is kongol in Dragoon form. he is the earth dragoon.
  6. This is kongol. he is giganto, and weild's axe's. You fight him 2 time's in Disc 1, then get him in disc 2.
  7. Dragoon Wallpaper 
just that ^^
  8. Just lavitz O.o
  9. Dart in dragoon form. he is the fire dragoon and uses fire magic's, also weilds sword's.
  10. This picture show's Meru in dragoon form. She uses water attack's, and weild's a hammer.
  11. This is haschel, he is a martail artist, and use to be a friend of Dart.
  12. Rose in dragoon form. She is the dark dragoon and kick freakin ass!
  13. Meru is the water dragoon. In this picture she is in her normal form.
  14. This is shana, the silver dragoon. her main magic is healing your team, also she has some kick ass attack's.
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