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    It's Cyantifically proven:

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    (Don't Say Taylor Swift, Don't Say Taylor Swift, Don't say Taylor Swift) Sailor Twift!

    Umm really I just use the Rower for Cardio and use Machines for weights, Neither are very good for wearing headphones and I walk to the Gym, so because my hands are free I'll just listen to whatever I fancy on SoundCloud.
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    I plead Innocent(as always)

    Also it was the first FF i played and got me interested in a series i'd spend a lot of my time on. I love that game to bits.
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    I choose to represent myself, and VIII because it is the best one, any other views are false seeing as mine is completely factual and i'm right about everything ever XD
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    I feel like Jawas are mis understood but you seem cool so lets call them ****s
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    FF ^^ Umm other than that I drink quite a bit, I'm a PC gamer and i go the gym decently often.
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    Yo don't know if i was around the same time as you, shit changes, i'm Mark or Robbo noticed you're more active now, how's it going
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    I like your profile picture.
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    It's Lord of the Falcons!
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    Yep! It's going pretty well!

    OH, I mentioned this in some thread, but I got to see my all time favorite band ever at Madison Square Garden! X Japan! When I found their music, it was in like 2001 when they were still broken up & such. But I would listen to their music nonstop in my bedroom & fantasize about them getting back together... I never thought they would... Or that they would come to the U.S. & play here. Or that I would get to see them. Seriously it's one of the hugest highlights of my entire life. Tickets weren't even expensive & they played a 3 hr show!

    Haha tell your sis to go smoke pot & chillax! I seriously want to go to WA or Colorado to try out some legal weed. How many siblings DO you have? I can't remember! Are you thinking of trying to move out at some point in the near future? I know it's rough to do, but having your own space is just orsm.

    I've been sucked into FFXIV. Ever since we got back from Texas last week, that's all I've been doing. Sitting in our bedroom. Playing XIV. It's very addictive. Lol
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    I've heard about game of thrones, and even seen some episodes myself. I was kinda bummed out that I didn't watch it from the beginning so I never reply pursued more episodes afterwards but it was great to watch. I loved the LotR trilogy myself, and I'm looking forward the the third hobbit movie, just need to go see it.

    When you work in the oilfield you never have much time for a anything, and when I am off all I want to do is relax and be lazy! Haha!

    Omg! Haha! They way you type, just to funny! The whole falls off table deal!

    So I totally feel asleep, and pretty much ruined my whole schedule even more. So I'm going to OD on melatonin tonight to hopefully get back on track.
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    Yes I recently got caught up on season5 of the walking dead. Other then that no...sadly. I should find something since I have the next two weeks off. Any recommendations and I will give it a shot.

    See this is why I need to get me another computer. I've heard nothing but awsome things about steam! Plus it has a lot of old games I would like to replay!

    Lately I've just been using the old handy dandy iphone, but it is starting to get old.
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    Oh yeah I screwed myself along time ago on that! Haha! I should have went to sleep along time ago, but I guess other things got the better of me. Now I'm going to have to pay the piper and wait another 12 hours or more.

    Is that a concole or PC game ragnarok online?

    I wanna see the new movie by J.J. But I'm really scared they might end up being worse then the newer trilogy. From what I've heard hey really cares about the project, so anything I can cross I'm crossing right now. Hands, elbows, knees, and toes!
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    Haha! The chamberlain has been banished!

    I'm doing absolutely great, and being able to finally get the time to come back to the site has really been a major stress reliever I've been needing.

    Well my number one past time is my xbox one, big fan of the battlefield, and gears of war series! Recently I bought a ps4 so the one has been neglected lately. Trying to get as much play time as possible before I get sent back to the field. Also a fan of classic fantasy movies, exspecially the old school Star Wars films!

    I really don't have to many hobbies anymore now that I work all the time. I would really like to get back into some athletics. I really haven't done much sports since school and it's been a real big bummer as of late. My only real Hobbie outside of my job lately has been gaming.
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    Hi Cyanist, the names Eric! I know random, just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. Well have a good one!
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About Cyanist
humble gamer striving for perfection while enduring an FPS induced headache.
California: Teh Promised Land
Sketching. reading old books, attempted cooking, gaming for hours on end, working on cars, frequenting junkyards, practicing archery and knitting hats for cats (not all at once).
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FF Tactics & FF VIII
3vil chef
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Ask me!


~I'm sorry I haven't been around very much~

The votes are in for the sketch contest. See who won the epic battle here:


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I am the relationship-butcher.

by Cyanist on 09-08-2013 at 11:56 AM
JEEEEEZE, I've butchered another relationship. Startling realization #Ialwaysknewthat -_-;

So, I met a guy at a different forum that I was temporarily a member of (just to vent some anger at the moderators of this site after the V4 switchy thing - yeah, like I'm really gonna get over you destroying the planet, Freiza ) Anyway, over there, in that awesome, but somehow shockingly crude forum, we immediately clicked. Even though we hardly shared any of the same hobbies, (he's an

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Another Cyan Sketch

by Cyanist on 04-10-2013 at 01:16 AM
Greetings fellow art droolers and bored people looking for new stuff to ogle at. My latest sketch is of Aerith (or aeris), who I am perfectly awful at drawing, but whatev.
Here it is: In my sketch thread, as per usual

A lot of time has suddenly cleared up in my calendar, I don't know how long it'll last but I'm going to use it doing stuff I love: Sketching!

I geeve up

by Cyanist on 01-29-2013 at 10:14 PM
Realist Cyan: "This will be my twenty fifth blog - and my last" T_T
Gamer girl Cyan: "Duuude. Don't get so T.O.ed, it's not personal, there just aren't that many blog readers out there yet!!!! Don't give up!!!"
Realist Cyan: "Does it occur to you that I'm speaking to different versions of myself because I don't have that many people to talk to?"
Gamer Cyan: "ya know it did."
Realist Cyan: "Good. Just checking if the world

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Cyan's best sketch yet!!!

by Cyanist on 01-22-2013 at 01:04 PM
Hello peopleses. Before I reveal my latest and there's no doubt, my greatest sketch, I'd like to whine once more.
After much thought and due deliberation I have discovered many things that I do not like about the forum updates. One MORE complaint is: there simply aren't enough selfless people on this site to support, read and comment on the massive amounts of blogs that keep cropping up. I imagine it's terribly insulting to pour one's soul into a page and find the little 'zero views' on

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Icy wicy

by Cyanist on 12-22-2012 at 06:13 PM
Lady Cyan: *Phew* I haven't done a blog in a while...
Pompous Prof. Cyan: Do you know why that is?
L. Cyan: No. I had supposed the cause had something to do with my exhaustion of late.
Pompous Prof. Cyan: You are incorrect, madame. True, you have been inordinately lazy, a lapse brought on by the sleepy weepies, which is quite to be expected in the winter splinters, but mainly, my colleagues and I have uncovered the cause to be of much more serious origins... *pause for dramatic

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