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    Just a reminder that you're up next to post in the Rp! Don't forget to read through all of it familirarize yourself with where me and Heartless are. Hoping to read something soon!
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    Thank you for elaborating on your character for me! You're ready to post now. :-)
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    Hey my computer won't let me get a hold of you in the normal way so I'm really hoping this works. I need you to flesh out your character's appearance and biography. Also, looking forward to you posting in the RP itself!
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    I have absolutely no problem at all with that Coff and it's reassuring to find a likeminded individual where that is concerned. Looking forward to reading your post once it's up!
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    Just reminding you not to forget about us over in the Rp section! :-D
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    Why thank you it's also just been 6 years since i joined this place so it was a double anniversary haha
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    Sounds good either way you go. That sounds like a pretty good idea for an rp.
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    Go ahead and get your character set up and you can make a post in the rp as soon as you're ready to. Heartless has to wait cause he has an epic post in mind and I was the last one to make a post.
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    Hey I understand man. Reality sucks sometimes. This is going slow enough that it shouldn't be an issue if you can't post immediately or have something come up that keeps you from posting for a few days.
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    Hey buddy have you had the chance to look at the OOC page of the Rp yet?
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    You still looking for an RP to join?
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    Hope we see you back on the forums soon! <3
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    I began playing Pokémon Zeta, it's almost everything I've been looking for in a Pokémon game ever since 2nd generation, or Gold/Silver/Crystal if you will, as I feel Nintendo has failed to evolve this franchise as much since then.

    Funny enough, it is however a double edged sword, you can catch every Pokémon out there which is neat, but I can't seem to decide on my main party because there are just way too many Pokémon I like, thus I pretty much have two teams right now and it can be a chore to level them all up. The frightening thing is, I plan on having a third team down the road Anyways, I installed all the available mods, the game looks gorgeous in battle, hopefully they do the same for the characters and the world in general.

    I really appreciate your recommendation, you have my thanks.
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    Hello Coff. Just wondering if we can still expect to see a sheet from you for my FF RP.
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    Support the local RP scene and have some fun at the same time!
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Just a regular guy who loves the Final Fantasy series! I also love to write and to RP and RP-Battle.
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A Long Story Short (Part 2)

by Coff9 on 01-04-2017 at 08:54 PM
Well, hello there, TFF! I hope you all are well!

I am back!

Everything has sorted itself out, so I return once again.

By the way, happy 2017 everyone!

The Sound of Silence

by Coff9 on 08-01-2015 at 01:58 PM
Well hello!

So, yesterday was my birthday, but it was uneventful. As I had hoped it would be. Didn't make any plans or anything like that, just decided to stay home (like I always do) and enjoy the absence of my neighbors. The best gift I could be given is solitude.

I need solitude.

I love being by myself. I love the sound of silence. I love the almost surreal feeling that only being by yourself, in the dark, late at night can give you.

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A Statement of Intent

by Coff9 on 05-30-2015 at 12:08 PM
Well hellooo TFF! Just wanted to say hi and all that good stuff.

Basically, I plan on making more blog posts here, especially about Final Fantasy games. I stopped playing the FF4 remake; I was having some difficulties with my computer. If I want to finish it, which I do, I'll have to wait until I get a new computer. I've been getting crazy lag on just about every game. My laptop is getting older and can't keep up like it used to.

I'd like to use this "less gaming"

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-Final Fantasy 4 (PC Version)- My Experience (Day 9)

by Coff9 on 11-15-2014 at 01:31 AM
Hello once more! Well-wishes to you!

So, not too much to report today, because I only did some grinding and looked for the best grinding spot. Edward's low stats make sense to me now: he was a Prince, pretending to be a Bard. Bard was the only class he had any experience at all with, so when he joins the party, that's all he knows how to do, haha. He may just be one of the weakest characters in the series, I'm sad to say. But, with enough grinding, even Edward can be great. We'll

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-Final Fantasy 4 (PC Version)- My Experience (Day 8)

by Coff9 on 11-13-2014 at 01:10 AM
Hello everyone! Hope all is well!

Well, good news! The "Spoony Bard" quote is preserved! I was pleased to see that. Sure, it might be something silly, but I guess if a quote can be nostalgic, it's that one, haha.

The Bombing of Damcyan was intense. The initial part where the Red Wings actually drop the bombs was very fast, only a few seconds long, almost humorously fast, especially when compared to the original. Anna's death was emotional, of course. The voice

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