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  1. not much, just been really busy with work, I've got a gf! I'm going to college soon, for spring semester, how bout yourself? how have you been?
  2. Hey Man, Long time No Talk, whats Up?
  3. not much right now, I just woke up. So how have you been?
  4. What up man?
  5. It was pretty uneventful really but I still had fun. I am just about to beat final fantasy 12 so I have that to look forward to. how about you, how are you doing?
  6. Hey Buddy How was your Weekend?
  7. Damn that's high but I found in my player's guide an optional boss called Hell Wyrm and he is lvl 60 and his hp is 8,930,711 and the fight lasts like a few hours
  8. Well, no shit man, he is number 12...LOL The last one you are supposed to get. He is lvl 65-66, but has like over 300,000HP So, its tough.
  9. Yeah I heard that he was the hardest one out of all of them
  10. I think I'm just missing Zodiarc, Because he is freaking annoying, and Hard to beat, So that just made me want to train Harder, and alot more, so that the next time I would fight him, he would actually die, instead of almost dieying...Which took me a while to get him down to the danger zone.
  11. That's awesome! do you have all of the Espers all the way up to Zodiarc?
  12. All of their Liscence boards are Finished, not just Vaan...LOL
  13. I bet Vaan's license board is finished isn't it?
  14. Only like a little over 200 Hours...About 250 Hours so far has gone into that one file...LOL Well, if you round it up...Its probly somewhere like 240-248 Hours for just one file.
  15. that had to take forever to do I bet because where my characters are it has taken me like 6o something hours
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