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    Hehe,I know right? Wolfie didn't last very long because everyone thought I was someone else,a member who left that previously had the name Wolfie. So I was like,this name has got to change lol
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    Hey, thanks ^_^. Artificial padding to get to 30 characters! XD
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    I like your new name. I like it alot actually. Me? I haven't changed my username in a long time though I have changed it about 4 times at the most. My original on here was Wolfie,then the song- Fireflies- by Owl City came out and I was so obsessed with it that I changed my name to Firefly. Then about a year or two after that I changed my name to <3Serah<3 cuz I loved Serah in FF13,even though she didn't have of a role.That name didn't last long so I changed it back to Firefly and it has been that way since . Sorry for the overload of useless info lol.
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    Hi! I see you've changed your name.
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    It sounds even nicer when I say there's gonna be big $$$ involved. I just retained the support of Chad Q. Billinsgley. He has generously offered a more decent reward to the winner.
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    Hello! Long time no see. Anywho, I'm just gathering more entrants for this sketch contest I started in the art forum (not sure why, though, I'm gonna win anyway - not really =_=') Well here's the link! I accidentally forgot what year it was, so please ignore that 2011 title.
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    Peter Pan kills Captain Hook? Seems to me, that does not mix with cartoon-land, maybe we watched different versions...
    Sylvester! Tom! Yes! You have chosen aright. Rejoice, friend, you're status has now been upgraded to 'dear' friend.

    Dexter... (because she's been without it for a month, Cyan feels a pang of longing) You simply MAUST watch it.
    Whoa, whoa, hold up, are you just SAYING she didn't die to make me feel better? Never mind, I'm not sure I want the answer. (Unless it's true, in which case, you should elaborate. If it's not true, you should make up a baloney ending anywazy).
    It's not like Castle is BORING per-say, it's just that I have little love for series' that don't have an over-all plot, (for instance, most episodes could have been passed over without taking away from the story) also, I'm not a big fan of the character Castle, himself. Not sure exactly why, but once I figure it out, I'll be sure to harangue my family-members with reasons until they all agree. (actually, my brother already despises him, but that's just because of his nose-shape, and, therefore, not a valid reason)
    Recently watched stinker: An episode of The Andy Griffith Show: Season 5. (everything went downhill after Barney left...)
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    Thank you for the offer to join your social group, but I must decline. You see, I know nothing of the show and even less about the books. I only have my current avatar because a lot of my friends do. Most (if not all) of them are already in your group. So, I don't think it best if I were to join. Maybe one day when I am more in the know about it.
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    Yeah, the first one he used a hatchet and in the remake(Evil Dead 2) he uses a chainsaw I think. Either that of it's a different location other than the garage. One of the crazy scenes from Evil Dead was, the part with that chick with the white eyed cataract looking girl, she was a blind women told to just chop-strike move towards the actor not knowing if she was ever close. The movie was a complete disaster that had them filming for 14 months I think..
    Just grab a hardy snack and a few shots drawn out, because it will semi-drag on in a couple parts but it's like watching "the sword and the stone" or some crazy ass Disney flick from back in the day. Just bring a pen and a pad because you will want to quote the sir that is "Campbell."

    For me I really don't have high expectations for any movies these days because it's very rare you'll find a new theme that hasn't been over done. My favorites are comedies(not the drama kind with Jen Aniston but slap-stickish like Anchor Man,) horror(such a bad genre, but I like visual stimulation if they can steer clear from the music popping sounds/music bursting and focus on terror,) and movies with real heart(I really dislike when people draw on the idle chat, metaphorically drawing out sentences, debating using descriptive words larger than necessary to acknowledge how dry they are.)
    I guess in a nutshell I enjoy movies that are vulgar and raw that get deeply passionate. DAMN, I really never thought that much into it..

    How 'bout you, what kind of movies do you appreciate?
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    Nah, Evil Dead 2 was a remake of the 1st one. Some of the scenes possibly may have been the same footage from the original. The only difference I remember between the two films was how he ended up cutting off his hand; everything else is just duplicated story.. pretty lame. Army of Darkness, where the story finally progresses into a true sequel, is off-the-wall with a totally different feel. It's a really fun movie, I've never met anyone who disliked it. I hope you watch it <3

    and if you truly think it "sucks" I'll send you $10 or something to make up for lost time. ^_^
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    K. U called the most well reference "extremely-filmed movie" in history and in addition it was a b-rated film "pathetic"... idk what thought worthy education you hold supreme stems from but you are lucky it was you birthday yesterday ... be fore u ever judge its worth I plea u at least watch "army of darkness" .. hail to the king
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    Happy belated (by 25 mins) birthday! <3

    Yes, Arya's one of my favorites too. Pretty much all the characters you've mentioned. Tyrion's chapters are probably my favorite to read though. He's just so witty.
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    Happy Birthday!
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    It's going fine . thanks
    how's yours ?
  15. Oh yeah I finished it it was awesome. the way it ended
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