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    No, users are abusers. They abuse drugs for the high. Addiction is a disease, however, and does not make the user pathetic or weak-minded.

    And no, they aren't good only when people are authorized to use them. The drugs are illegal. Only rarely will the use of illegal drugs be authorized. Effects of the drugs are positive when people choose to use them right.
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    Marijuana can halt the progress of glaucoma and combat nausea caused by chemotherapy or prescription drugs.

    Alcohol in moderation lessens the risk of heart disease.

    Heroin is the only painkiller effective for certain terminal diseases including cancers.

    Ecstasy has shown promise for treating some psychological problems.

    Cocaine is used as a topical anesthetic for eye and ear surgery. It is also used in a concoction called Brompton's Cocktail, which is used to reduce pain and induce euphoria in terminally ill cancer patients.
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    I indeed do.
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    just a fact i know
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    How is any illegal drug healthy in any sense, you ask? One word; marijuana.

    Cocaine and heroin even have their benefits, but again, it depends on the dose.
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    Glad I could help.
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    Drugs only produce a negative effect if you exceed the toxicity of the drug for repeated exposures. Overall, most drugs aren't even toxic. Most drugs just make you feel better. That relieves stress, which in turn, positively affects cardiovascular activity, which is very beneficial to one's health.

    Everything is toxic in large enough doses. Take water, for instance. If you drink too much water, you'll literally drown your cells, which will kill you. At least if you drink enough alcohol, you'll pass out and vomit it up the next morning.
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    I dunno what people do with my posts. Probably masturbate to them.
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    I'm always joking unless I'm serious.
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    Thanks for the protips.
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    If you post an opinion as ridiculous as "everybody who takes drugs is pathetic and stupid," then yes, I have to comment on it. If you make your opinions public, they're free game to anybody who wishes to comment.
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    The term "piece of work" indicates a person who is difficult to get along with. I didn't want to offend you, so I replaced my original insult with a cliche.
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    You're a real piece of work.
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    Oh yea its the main way people can fight back when you try and take the moral highground. They try to knock you down with incorrect or unrelated facts but since I never want to make these things research projects and several morons take them for their word askewing the thread it becomes unfightable so it seems like they win but really it`s just not worth it to fight with idiots.
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    A long time ago when i first joined I got in warnings for a thread similar to the War mongering thread when I was argueing against this big military neanderthal Sasquatch. Since then I`ve been slightly more careful here and havn`t got any warnings. I get banned from sites like MMOChamp or even the wow forums sometimes.
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