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  1. Hey! Yeah I still play daily. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been looking at the forums much lately. If you're on Ultros I can invite you into the Free Company.
  2. Hey Andromeda ^_^ I finally got mah hands on FFXIV! Made a thread about it, but just wanted to personally let you know. Currently in the process of downloading it. If you still play it, let me know. I'd love to be able to play with you again
  3. Yeah, I'm still playing XIV working on maxing things out with the expansion out now.

    Well we're always here so you can return and disappear with ease.
  4. Not bad, I hope things are still going well for you at least. I kinda miss playing FFXIV with you. Sadly I can't afford to sustain it at all, so I haven't bothered to buy the game at all. Wondering how you are doing in that game. Probly maxed out and everything Anyway, as for why I've been gone...blame Pokémon X, Y, OR, and AS. Also I've been super busy in general, and after a while I somehow completely forgot about this place. I tried to come back a couple times, but there wasn't much happening sadly. I didn't even get any birthday wishes...probly cause of how inactive I've been...oh well.
  5. Yeah, I was surprised when I saw your name pop up in the thread. It's been a while since I've seen you around. I've been keeping pretty steady with things lately.
  6. Hey Andromeda ^_^ How have you been lately? Been a while, hasn't it?
  7. I had fun Andro ^_^ Hope you did too! Wishing our characters wouldn't HAVE to get Erased, but whatever, I will make him again and probly use the same Class and everything. I cannot wait to get to play with you again though ^_^ I enjoyed the last 22 lvls of gameplay...hehe lvl 22 with 12211/71400 EXP...Damn, it was a good run while it lasted. I have the memories of our adventures stored on my computer and could share them at any time. Anyway, have a good night, and I will see you later ^_^
  8. I am glad that you agree on the fact that summons are cool and are helpful ^_^ Okay, quick question: Would you be okay with me being the Mod for FFXV possibly along side you if you want to also be the overseeing mod for that part of the forums? I just sent a PM to fuzz inquiring about it. It is a new Forum for a new game and currently has no mods, and seeing as I like FFXV already and am excited for it, plus have been trying to get some info out on the subject, I figured that I would be a perfect match to fit the mod description for that part of the forums. I have been a part of the TFF community since 2008, and only ask to give me a chance to prove myself as a mod. I will do whatever it takes to make sure I do my job right. I will not abuse my rights or privileges as a mod. I take this responsibility seriously. If I somehow fail then I won't ask again.
  9. Well the Action RPG not withstanding, it had a lot of things I was missing from other FF games. It'll be the first FF mainline to be action, but I think it'll be fine. There is a lot of really interesting things going on with the game.

    Summons are a part of the FF series, it wouldn't be the same without them. Plus, they are really cool to have in combat. I sort of miss them just being something powerful you call in for a big attack though.
  10. Well, it is an Action RPG, so it is a tad bit different then what the main FF was all about, but I feel that it is still going to be amazing. I actually like ARPGs, so to be honest, this is already cool in my eyes, even if it wasn't an FF game, but the fact that Square Enix made it using the FF exclusive graphics engine, just makes me want it even more. I just hope that we will get to summon things. That is the one aspect of FF that truly makes it an FF game. The ability to summon beasts of all shapes and sizes with different abilities to aid you in battle...That has intrigued me ever since I laid my eyes on that. It makes me wish I could summon things out of nowhere myself, whether to help me out in a difficult situation, or to just hang out with. What are your views on summoning? Do you like it at all, or do you think they are pointless like some others think? Again, I am curious, hehe
  11. That's probably true.

    I've been excited for FFXV since the moment it was announced in 2006 as Versus XIII. Everything I heard them talking about the game over the years made it feel like it was exactly what I wanted from a FF game and like we haven't seen since the PSone era.
  12. Not really the answer I was hoping to get, but it is fine. You seem to be unique too, so in this case it would seem that we are both a rare breed of human ^_^ At any rate, now that you got a glimpse at FFXV, are you excited for it? I sure as hell am! I wished the PS4 was out and the game was in my system already so I could play it right nao! ;P
  13. Not quite the answer you were looking for?

    Well they are all still aspects of myself. Just different parts for different situations.
  14. I see. Okay then. I am just a curious little bugger so I had to ask. When I am online, I am genuinely me. I talk and do things I normally would in real life. I hate being lied to, so why would I lie to someone else about who I am? At any rate, all I can say is, I am a rare breed of human...hehe
  15. It is usually something depending on the situation. I don't understand the logic of it, but online games brings that personality out of me. I stopped trying to explain it awhile ago and just accept that is how I act. I tend not to stress much over things on there, so I just go carefree. It tends to surprise people how carefree I am about things. All of the times I died over the weekend I didn't really care about. I just ran back out. Easy come, easy go.

    I don't rate people in something so delineated. I don't stress a lot over things on the internet in general. So you'll have to do quite a lot to actually make me dislike you. If you have something I can respond to, I'll respond. It is generally that simple, if I don't have anything to reply with I won't say anything. There is generally no emotion plus or minus involved. Anything that might happen is ephemeral.
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