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    ___ //{Your Digital Needs}[]

    Hey people. Since the past few months I've noticed that 5 or more threads are being posted each month asking about free website/image hosting, or tutorial sites and the like.

    I've decided to finally search for as many related sites I can to put into this one thread so users can just look for their needs here. I'm not promising that they're the best though. This is to keep the forum clean from questions being asked over and over again.

    So there is a new rule then. Any thread requesting for certain sites (because the user is too lazy to search) will be closed. Look here from now on. You can also request some certain (graphic/web/computer related) sites needed in this thread and I'll see what I can find for you.

    Feel free to share some of the sites you know as well. I'll love you very much. ^_^ Do NOT share/request Warez sites though. You guys know how it is. Also, DON'T trick us and post a link to advertise your site. Unless it's related to the forum content (graphics/web design), you are not allowed to advertise your website. Do Not Link to inappropriate sites also.

    Browse smartly. ^^ Please request any categories that are missing. If you happen to visit a broken link, please say so.

    Image Hosting
    (I think the last two is the best. Don't know how to use geocities? Find out on your own. lol)

    Website Hosting

    100 Best WebHosting

    Graphics Tutorials

    (You can find enough sites in Spoono)

    Web Design and Coding

    * (tracker)


    Free Layouts/Graphics
    (^ You can see Tiff's/KOS-MOS' awesome wallpapers here too!)


    *new* Stock Photography
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    I agree....and shes hot too.....bonus...XD;;

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    lol thanks Arus. I really needed something like this. Keep this up forver. Now I need to go through the website hosting places for free ones lol.
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    Okay, I have request that kind of fits here, where can I find a good downloadable program that can be used to screencap things? As in by way of video? Everytime I try there's a blank black void where the image would be normally be or a ghost version of the thing I'm trying to take a picture of, which disappears if you move your workspace. I've trieed and google but either they don't work or my search terms are so lame that I can't find what I'm actually looking for.

    Then while totally obvious probably, I assume the asterisks mean that happens to be (one of) the best choice(s)?

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    The ones in asterisks are the recommended ones or probably my personal favorites. But anyway, I don't know if such a program exists but the only screen capture I know is the Print Screen method. Actually, if you really want to capture a screenshot from a video, you can just download or purchase a software that allows to you to edit videos or mp3s. Of course, you have to get the file of the specific video in able for the program to preview to you the frames used in that video. If you don't know what I mean by frames, it's the every movement performed in the video that is captured in images. You know, it's like how the frames look like in Animation programs like ImageReady.

    You can just search for 'Video Editing Software' in google or something. I've tried Print screening videos too but all that appears is a black screen. Sorry if that didn't help.

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    Hey, Arus. I was wondering which website hosting site you used. It looks like it would be awesome for me. Anyways, I'm broke, so I guess I don't get my OWN name for my website. It has to be So, what site did you use?

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    I already told you the answer in the Graphics Designers Inc. thread, but I guess you missed it. My website host is ANhosts, it's in the US, and I think it's fairly cheap, but I paid more to get my domain name registered and because I live in Canada, I had to double my dollars to be enough for US dollars. I remember a site called where you can find a hostee that can host you for free under certain requirements, though the site is gone, I don't know what happened. O.o As for ANhosts, it took me a week of searching to find this site. It's perfect for me. ^^

    If you really want to get hosted for free, look for a domain owner that can host you. I'm currently working on my hosting, so I'm not offering for now.

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    Yo. I've been adding tutorials to Leonhart.Net lately, thought it might be nice to add it to these lists. I dont have a special site for it though, sorry- I'm too lazy to make it. Currently, theyre under the ETC section of the domain. I just added a Basic HTML tutorial, and I also have a Grunge tutorial previous, so if ya wanna add those you can. :p

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    *Looks at the two previous posters above.*

    You and your wonderfully beautiful sites make me sick. ;-; xP

    But...Lesee here...

    To Ghent:

    *Very late*

    Yeah, that's but a real problem right about now. There's a way around it though which (usually) works. It really depends on the media player you're using though.

    I would recommend that you don't have any video file, music file, or anything open before you do this.

    In cases like Windows Media Player, it can be kinda weird. Firstly, what you need to do is go to Tools --> Options, then click on the Performance tab. Now, look for the "Video Acceleration" section of the window, and throw the bar there all the way down to none. Then, as always, click apply, then ok.

    That should just about do it. I have encountered one problem though. You can't scroll to the portion of the video you want. My friend claims (And it's probably true.), that if you hit the Pause button beforehand, then do your bar-sliding spot searching fast forwarding thingy then, it should work. Then...Yeah...Hit Print Screen, etc.

    With the DivX player, it just seems to allow you to take screenshots without any configuration.

    Sorry if that doesn't help, and sorry if you already know and I'm just being a bother, haha.


    *Looks down at Secret Azn Man's post.*

    *Makes post valid.*

    If you need a program to take screen shots...Hmm...Well, there's only one program I've seen so far that semi-works, and that would be... - HyperSnap DX

    It seems like a very glitchy program, but it seems to work when I need it. Usually. Hopefully. Maybe. I don't exactly recommend it, but it's the best I can recommend, since it's the only program out there that I've seen. xP

    Sorry SAM, everyone. -_-
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    I claimed that because it works, lol. I just skip ahead to the part I want, hit pause, then the print screen button. I've never had any problems doing it that way, and it's certainly easier than having to watch an entire video to get like one screen shot, lol.

    I've never tried with the DivX player though, but I bet it works since S said it does.

    Just a quick thing, you don't have on your list. I know it's not one of the best, but *shrugs* Always good to have a variety, right?

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    No more questions not pertaining to web resources. They belong in the help thread.

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    Stock Photos

    you can use these for anything and you don't have to give a link back. although the auther/photographer or whatever migth wanna see what you made with them



    Free Images

    meh I'll add more later.

    OOH and theres the Deviat Art stock part thingy.

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    Just like to add a few ones to Senna's list of Stock Photography...

    Getty Images
    Alamy Images (I also have 1700 [$2813.68] worth of r-l free images...)

    Hope it helps.

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    requires registration though.
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    *looks through the photo hosting and notices no Photobucket* Hm... Photobucket is free and easy to use, so:
    Use it, you know you wanna.

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