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Thread: Not gone, just lost.

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    Not gone, just lost.

    Hey people, so I just now realized we got a new domain again, for the past few months I was under the impression that the site had just gone under, lmao. I'm happy to stand corrected.
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    Welcome back man.

    I think the switch threw a lot of people off. I remember texting a few people here when it went down and we were all confused, until either Taco or Cesar found the new link.

    Regardless, it's nice to see a familiar face back
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    Thankfully, Google saved me on this one, haha. I was like, "Uh oh, where did the site go?"

    But just typing thefinalfantasy into Google brought me to this domain, and I did breath a thankful sigh of relief.

    Here's to 20 more years!
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