This tribune begins around the time of Cecil still going up the ranks of Baron’s Military forces (before the actual start of Final Fantasy IV, where he begins the raids on all the other cities.), at this current time he was around the rank of a Lieutenant giving and taking some orders. You know how the Military are like these days – the shit rolls down hill but fortunately for Cecil he was in the position to control all of these happenings, in recent times however things were really going Cecil’s way due to all of his discipline and continuous training in the Dark Arts that is the way of the Dark Knight. In doing so, he is scoring points with his father (the King of Baron) and was given more opportune duties to perform around the kingdom.

One dreary morning our Dark Knight awakens with a few prodding’s...

“No... I don’t want any, go away…”

As he rolled back over to face the opposite way, still asleep and unaware he is even talking. He was then prodded some more as he had a short yawn and rolled back over to face his prodder with his eyes still shut – as he slowly opened his eyes with a quick rub he gets his focus straight and smiled at one of his prized possessions.. the highest skilled White Mage in the Kingdom of Baron, Rosa Farrell.

“Get up you lazy bastard”

She said.

“You do realize what time it is don’t you?”

As Cecil threw off his blanket and sat on the side of his bed, with a stretch and a yawn.

“Indulge me.”

Rosa had a quick laugh as she sat at the table with some coffee for the not-yet-awake Dark Knight and herself. Gave a smile and looked at Cecil.

“You’re getting a promotion today, did you forget that already?”

As Cecil dragged himself over to the table to sit next to Rosa.

“Oh, shit. It completely shot past me!”

He smacked himself on the forehead for drinking so much alcohol with Kain the night prior. But he kept his cool and just held onto the mug as he took a few sips of the coffee...

“Heh, no rush love. It isn’t until later on in the day if I remember correctly.”

Rosa shook her head and laughed some..

“Well, don’t make a habit of sleeping in like this… you know it’ll piss off your father when you turn up late for your duties.”

Cecil placed the mug on the table and leaned back some, with his arms behind his hands behind his head.

“Yeah, you’re right… Last time I was an hour behind reporting in my father hit me across the head with his sceptre. Crazy old bastard.”

As he put up a grin, the maid entered the room for her usual schedule of cleaning up after the raggy Dark Knight. Cecil turned to face the Maid and gave out some words.

“How you going baby? Heh heh, thank you for your services as per normal.”

She turned to face Cecil and had a pleasant expression upon her face.

“It’s my pleasure, Sir Cecil, if I may continue my…”

She was stopped there by Cecil and he said.

“Yes yes, excuse me. ^_^ Please resume… As for me…”

He made a pause, shifted his view back to Rosa and held her close and kissed her on the forehead. Made a slow retreat as he brushed her hair…

“…I need to get ready for the occasion!”

Cecil made his way into the next room and had a look around his “Armoury” and clothes storage area in general, deciding on what to put on for another day of devious dwellings. He picks up some formal attire and said.

“Nah, too gay. It isn’t a fancy dress party.”

Then his view shifted towards his trusty’ol Black Armour. And he then figured.

“Well, its standard, and I’ve worn the thing for the last few years since my promotion. So eh, why should today be any different?”

He began to dis-robe as Rosa happily walked into the room and put up a grin, as she looked down and inspected Cecil’s body somewhat. Cecil wasn’t startled so he kept going about his business as he went to grab his leather padding Rosa came from behind and placed her arms around his waist and pur her body against his. With a firm grip, she relaxed and placed her head next to Cecil’s and began to whisper some dirty words – Cecil couldn’t agree anymore with what she was saying, as he put up a grin. He spoke;

“Heh, there’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Care to help me out with this babe?”

She too put up a smirk.

“Just leave it all to me.”

As Cecil put on the upper half of his leather armour, Rosa was happily attaching the lower half of Cecil with his leather armour whilst at the same time giving his legs a sensual massage in an up and down motion. Once the leather was all in place, they both placed the Black Armour around Cecil, Rosa took Cecil’s helmet and placed it on the table back in the main room as she went and picked up Cecil’s Black Sword and sheathed it around Cecil’s waist. He then picked up his helmet and made his way to the staircase turned around and winked at Rosa.

“I’ll be seeing you later on tonight.”

Rosa blushed and then blew Cecil a Kiss.

“Don’t drink too much before you get back.”

Cecil laughed, a cheery laugh, as he made his way down the staircase to the level below and shook his head and he was thinking to himself.

“Today should be interesting. I wonder what father has in mind... Hmm... He always gets me psyched up then makes a joke from it. Heh.”