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    A Realm Of Random Art

    The ARORA if you like lol! ^^

    My old thread is a bit old now, but there is still some good stuff in it if you feel like taking the time to look:

    I thought I'd post up some more of my recent stuff. I'm sorry if its some of the stuff you have already seen, but because its all on my phone, I have NO idea when its from... Unless I check dates, and that takes a while. Iz beingl lazy.

    Henry Moore stuff if I remember? You mght have seen some of this then...

    During the good old GCSE exams. Got bored so drew crap in my revision book. ^^

    A sleeping baby which I tried to copy from a book. It actually looked better without the colour.

    TAZ!!! You remember Taz right? XD

    A piece of concept art from Fahrenhiet. I copied it thinking it would then give me ideas for my own set. It didn't.

    My art exam piece (large plus a small test copy)

    Some other stuff in my folders...

    My internet is being rather slow tonight, so using tinypic is becoming a pain in the arse. I'll try and get the other pictures as soon as!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    Now that we've apparently discussed wanting to see each other sleep with a game character... how goes?

    All my banners are now done by me! Soon, I will be great! Muwahahahaha... ha... eck! *coughs* ...ha!
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    I love your doodle of what revision does to you, and I remember taz lol, not seen it on TV for years tho

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