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Thread: That healing sound!

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    That healing sound!

    I have been feeling kinda down in the dumps recently and have started listening to music to make me feel better. What songs/artists do you listen to when you are feeling down?

    For me I find melodic sounds to be soothing. I have been listening to A Perfect Circle, a little bit of Moby, Jack Johnson, some old and new Santana, the Beatles, Foo Fighters, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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    it depends what kinda shitty mood im in, if its a girl that did me wrong
    glassjaw or other of the angry music variety..if its a sad mood, its all about death cab for cutie, bright eyes, postal service, brand new, radiohead. and moneen.
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    I guess I am completely opposite...
    I don't like listening to hard stuff.

    I'd rather listen to anything soft... with, with
    like a lot of violins, flutes, cellos. Like
    orchastrated stuff, or clasical piano solo's
    Yea, that stuff cheers me up.
    I am rarely down in the dumps tho.
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    I like listening to a Perfect Circle, Reveille (very good rock band), System of a Down (effin loonies, probably the best coz they're so psycho), Panic at the disco, sometimes Linkin Park tho it depends what song.

    So basically anything as long as its upbeat or cheery. Or psychotic. I used to listen to 'emo' music but it always made me depressed, but nowadays i'm always happy coz i changed what music i listen to.
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    Usually when I'm down and I need some sort of music to cheer me up I go back to some of my old favorites. I love to listen to...well any classic rock song to be honest. Alot of Who and Zeppelin, but I avoid Floyd because there music does nothing but depress me when I have to listen to it.

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    A lot of times when I am depressed, I just listen to whatever I had been listening to a lot at the time. I don't really know that there is a specific type of music that cheers me up, but maybe just music in general (or, specifically, the songs I like the best at that moment.) However, in Yellowstone, on the busride in, while I was feeling kind of down about starting a 2 month period a two busride day's drive from home, I listened to Pillar: Fireproof, and that made me feel fairly happy (although it was also coupled with looking at the surrounding forests and Yellowstone Lake, and etc.)

    A lot of times, though, if I listen to music when I am depressed, it will make me more depressed, because it reminds me of the "good times." Either that, or the depressing thoughts just find their way through, anyway.

    Specifically, though, I won't listen to anything depressing when I am depressed, because that generally makes it worse. I will probably try to listen to something up beat and fast.

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    I love listening to Guns n' Roses and the Beatles when I'm feeling down. The songs I tend to listen to are:
    November Rain: Such a beautiful song
    Don't Cry: It may be called that but sometimes it has reverse effects lol.
    Estranged: Another epic song.
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps: I love that song!

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    Here I go again with the old posts...I don't care though, I like this subject.

    I just got done listening to The Spill Canvas but it was getting me sleepy. They are not too bad of a band to listen to on a depressed moment.

    One that gets me really set for the day, get's me thinking, puts me in the mood that maybe everything isn't shit; is Flaw.

    This is one of the most underrated bands of all time.

    The lead singer Chris Volz has the most unique voice, and there are a few people that can have such a voice that is so easy to pick out. For example, Chris Cornell, Scott Stapp, and I'm not real sure of his name, but the guy from Trust Company.

    I just have been feeling like shit lately. It's when it gets so bad you actually start to get sick. It's like there really is no cure, just to keep pushing through all the bull.

    And we all have those days where we just want to lock up in a corner somewhere, put on our headphones with our cheap ass C.D. player and just chill the **** out.

    I will say this again...Flaw. There will never be a band to replace this band for me. I played all of Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls to there only 2 albums.
    Damn family was moving all the time for business opportunities, but after awhile, making friends just to lose them later got fn old. When I first found this band, my friend told me that he would just throw these guys on and beat on the drums. (Which is very good to do by the way.)

    I just remember back in the day when I was in Saltt (High school band), I would turn off the lights, close my eyes, put on my headphones and listen to Flaw, and learn every drum part.

    Everybody saw me as the football guy, but when it came to calming down with the tunes because of the real shit happening on the outside, nothing was better than Flaw and the drums.

    Either way, long ass post, hope someone got something from this.
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