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  1. I am the relationship-butcher.

    JEEEEEZE, I've butchered another relationship. Startling realization #Ialwaysknewthat -_-;

    So, I met a guy at a different forum that I was temporarily a member of (just to vent some anger at the moderators of this site after the V4 switchy thing - yeah, like I'm really gonna get over you destroying the planet, Freiza ) Anyway, over there, in that awesome, but somehow shockingly crude forum, we immediately clicked. Even though we hardly shared any of the same hobbies, (he's an ...
  2. I geeve up

    Realist Cyan: "This will be my twenty fifth blog - and my last" T_T
    Gamer girl Cyan: "Duuude. Don't get so T.O.ed, it's not personal, there just aren't that many blog readers out there yet!!!! Don't give up!!!"
    Realist Cyan: "Does it occur to you that I'm speaking to different versions of myself because I don't have that many people to talk to?"
    Gamer Cyan: "ya know it did."
    Realist Cyan: "Good. Just checking if the world ...
  3. Difficult choices indeed

    Well as of 2 years ago I was given that dream card (Amazing life pass) I have yet to use it! I have ameans to go to any college free for 4 years, live anywhere on earth, be with whoever I please and even started learning Japanese a bit Yet all good things come with sacrifice, Ive had a rough life(not the worst but a rough one). Its clouded my judgement, Im so confused all the time.
    Ive started trying to clear my mind. ...
  4. Advice Wanted: To 'Friend' Or Not To 'Friend'?

    Superior Officer Cyan: "Well well, my favorite general has concerns, I hear. Do spill them upon me as you would upon a tentative nursemaid or a flatulent father. Come, we are no more strangers than I am to myself. Speak frankly."
    General Cyan: "Well, sir, for quite some time now, a notification has been festering at the top of my screen, a friend request from a certain popular personage around the forum. This being has a LOT of friends - not like that matters much around ...
  5. Dexter Blues

    Last night was so *whoa* that it's left me *ugh*
    Because I couldn't take another second of not knowing what happens to Dexter, I opted for a reckless all-nighter. Me and Wallace were there for 6+ hours, and have finally finished watching Dexter season 4. I am utterly appalled (as is usual with Dexter) at the latest plot twist and I can't even talk about it! I was thinking of joining a Dexter Forum, but that would proly ruin the fifth season for me. Bummer.

    Spoiled Cyan: ...
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