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  1. What's bothering Che?

    Someone held a door open for me today. It puts a different perspective on life when you've hold seemingly hundreds of doors open for people, and then one time it happens for you. I had half a mind to go through the other door. There were two. "You don't control me, bitch." But I went through, and even held it and looked behind me for any others coming through while thanking the person. Hopefully that person feels like they cured cancer because of the sheer amount of pure honest thanks ...
  2. Reputation Restored

    The Reputation System has been enabled. The following changes have been made to the system in order to make it more user-friendly:
    1. The reputation user spread has been lifted. You are no longer required to find other people to rep before you can rep the same person on a different post.
    2. The daily reputation cap has been lifted. You can now rep as many posts as you wish.
    3. A comment is now required to give reputation. This is to make the system distinctly different than the Likes System.
    Helpful Tip , Bug Fix
  3. Default Forum View Updated

    The default view when going to has been adjusted. Guests, users not logged in, as well as users who haven't confirmed their email will now see the Forums as the default view. Everyone else will still see the Activity Stream. This was done so that people who have not joined the forums can get their feet wet easier.

    I'm working on adding support to allow you to choose which view you want to open up when you visit the forums. For example, if you always ...
    Helpful Tip
  4. TFF Light Released!!!

    Without further ado, the TFF Light layout is live!!! You can select the TFF Light layout by scrolling to the bottom of any page, select the drop-down menu at the bottom left corner, and choosing TFF Light. You can also change the layout through your user profile settings. There may be a few tweaks here and there in the near future if I notice anything funky looking.
    Helpful Tip
  5. TFF Dark buttons updated

    The TFF Dark buttons have been updated to be more visible. The buttons should no longer be close to invisible on the bottom of posts, etc.
    Helpful Tip
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