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Resolved issue with the forums or site

  1. Reputation Restored

    The Reputation System has been enabled. The following changes have been made to the system in order to make it more user-friendly:
    1. The reputation user spread has been lifted. You are no longer required to find other people to rep before you can rep the same person on a different post.
    2. The daily reputation cap has been lifted. You can now rep as many posts as you wish.
    3. A comment is now required to give reputation. This is to make the system distinctly different than the Likes System.
    Helpful Tip , Bug Fix
  2. Thumbnail Issues Resolved

    The following two thumbnail reported issues have been resolved:
    1. Inline attachments are not displaying as thumbnails.
    2. Certain user's avatars are breaking the layout in What's New?
    Bug Fix