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Twin Moon

A light novel/manga series about a harem and reverse harem clashing.

  1. Twin Moon - Chapter 5 - The Hero of Justice

    More than a week passed since they moved into their new home. Life seemed to have calmed down a little. They still had random invading demons that they fought back, but if that was worst, their new life had to offer they accepted it.

    As expected of the new chapter, it is morning. A very early morning, due to the fact that they had a longer commute into school. Their only fortunate luck was that something happened to cause the bus’ schedule stops to include their mansion. So they ...
  2. Twin Moon - Chapter 4 - A New Home

    An awkward atmosphere filled the space. The talk of calm winds blowing or bright sunlight was pointless, in fact, only an aggravation. If one really wanted to speak of wind, it was stale, if you had to insist on knowing about it. So stale that even in the coldest of days it still felt like a hot summer’s afternoon. It just sat and festered until all you wanted to do was itch yourself raw and spend the rest of the day bandaging yourself up for the terrible mistake made. Perhaps that over stepped ...
  3. Twin Moon - Chapter 3 - The Goddess, the Nerd and the Schemers

    The classroom experience for Mitsuru turned out to be very similar to that of what his sister had experienced. That was at least until he was on his own. He tried to follow Tsukiko when she ran off trying to dispose of the sword down a vent, but had tripped over something in the confusion. Mitsuru groaned in his pain on the floor for a moment before trying to find Tsukiko, she had disappeared out of the hall. “…sis…”

    “…oh…” a meek voice managed to summon up from the floor.
  4. Twin Moon - Chapter 2 - End of Normal Days

    An old bus that had seen its fair share of use painfully groaned to a halt at the marked stop. Behind it on the road was the dense forest that surrounded the base of Mount Higashiyama. The road itself looked more like a dirt path that barely managed to follow a line woven between the trees. The travel was made exciting enough without the bus that felt like it was going to collapse if someone applied even a little pressure to the tape, glue and hope that held it together.

    Fortunately, ...
  5. Twin Moon - Chapter 1 - The Birthday Present

    Author’s Notes: Before you go on too far I want to explain something really quick. For those that follow my work, you know I’m writing Shift currently, but you also know it is a very long series. So as a way to hopefully keep what little of my sanity still remains I will be working on a side project. It won’t be at the same pace as Shift, but I’ll still be working on it. Well the problem has been solved and I’m doing Twin Moon as some of you probably figured out by the update. Due to the less ...