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Twin Moon - Chapter 2 - End of Normal Days

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An old bus that had seen its fair share of use painfully groaned to a halt at the marked stop. Behind it on the road was the dense forest that surrounded the base of Mount Higashiyama. The road itself looked more like a dirt path that barely managed to follow a line woven between the trees. The travel was made exciting enough without the bus that felt like it was going to collapse if someone applied even a little pressure to the tape, glue and hope that held it together.

Fortunately, the road improved greatly out of the forest just in time for the bus stop to make it appear as civilization was dominant, even though it was a tenuous balance. The rusted and severely lacking oil hinges screeched an awful sound like a harpy on death’s door. Despite the fatigue of the bus’s door it opened quickly from an experienced handler of the bus, the elderly Mr. Kakinomoto (a career bus driver, age 68). None of the passengers on the bus knew if the bus or the driver were older, a scary thought the more one considered it.

Being a more rural town, Mashita drew in many people from the surrounding area that lived alone or as a family. During the day they would travel into the town for their shopping or business. The first stop in the town was for the students. A few girls and boys stepped down, the boys in tan or black jacket and pants uniforms with the girls in sailor uniforms of matching design of green or blue.

The school they attended was only a few blocks away and what was called an elevator school. Due to the size of the town it was seen best to hold everything together to save on space. So the elementary, junior high and high school buildings all stood on the same property. Mashita Public School held students for all grades and they simply graduated to a new building as finished what was normal elementary and junior grades. The junior high boys wore tan uniforms with green trim while the girls wore green uniforms. In high school it was the same uniform but black with blue trim for the boys and blue for the girls, a little traditional, but it was rural.

Coming down the stairs of the bus next was a very tall high school girl that made even the boys look short. She was the tallest person in the school at one hundred ninety-one centimeters. Her blue and white school uniform flowed smoothly as she left the bus. Her dark brown waist length hair was loosely held back with an old pin of simple make. It looked like she had spent very little time tending to her hair as wild strains flew about already. Long shaped bangs formed around her forehead and cheeks close to her jaw line looking to surround her bright blue eyes in a trap. Set atop her head just behind her bangs were two errant hairs with a willful life of their own that refused to be seated almost looking like antenna.

“I’m Tsukiko Sakakibara. I’m a first year high school student with a fairly normal life living with my grandfather who adopted me. However, on my sixteenth birthday something strange happened. In order to protect myself I accidentally awakened the spirit of a man contained with an ancient sword.”

Following in closing behind Tsukiko was a boy on the opposite end of the height scale, if such a thing existed. He was fortunately not a midget or anything so severe, but he only managed to be eye level with Tsukiko before he took the first step down while still being in the bus. It was difficult to believe that he was a high school boy coming in at a very embarrassingly short one hundred fifty-nine centimeters (couldn’t even manage one sixty). In his black uniform, the only sign that told people he was older than he appeared, he stepped out quietly joining Tsukiko’s side. His short, slightly messy black hair was stubborn to move in the gentle breeze that swiped through. He had to adjust to the light for a moment allowing his dark brown eyes the time not to be blinded by the morning sun.

“I’m Mitsuru Sakakibara. I’m a first year high school student with a fairly normal life as well with my grandfather who adopted me like sis, we aren’t siblings though. The same experience happened to me except that the ancient sword I have contains a woman. It’s very embarrassing thinking about it, but when it happened I turned into that woman. Sis had the same thing happen to her in reverse.”

Mitsuru stood in stride with Tsukiko, though he had to keep a faster pace with her long strides. It was difficult, but something that he had become accustomed to doing. She did normally walk a little slower than she would have liked to keep with him.

The sea of students that walked in from nearby areas of the town crowded around them. It had already been an extremely stressful morning for Tsukiko so being caught around a mob worked on her last ounce of patience. “Why do they have to so many students!?” she exclaimed in frustration. Her voice was enough to give her a little room even scaring a couple of little kindergarteners.

“Tsuki, it can’t be helped that it’s the only school in town.” Mitsuru tried to calm her down patting her a little, but it was less than effective. In reality, it worked against him only turning her developing anger on him. The sight made Mitsuru sweat a little. “S-Sis!”

“Stop calling me ‘sis’!” Tsukiko’s voice roared over everyone clearing her an easy path and nearly turning Mitsuru to stone in fear. However, when she saw everything that she caused it made her sweat a little in embarrassment and pull back her emotions. Her path was still available and that made her a little happier. She sighed loudly to herself trying to calm down. “And why does the bus always have to drop us off here? The old man makes us walk three blocks even though he goes around town still! I swear the senile old man doesn’t know his left from his right!”

“Well at least we get a chance to walk and enjoy the weather!”

She glared over and down at him quickly not pleased by his overly optimistic view. “They already make us walk around more than this on the school grounds just to get to our building!”

“It’s not too bad sis, at least you can see where you’re going.”

“I guess…”

The brick wall that ran the entire length of the school was quickly approaching them. It had been aging like most of the things in the town, slowly and stubbornly. New work was done on the school at irregular times when it was necessary, but it was left in tradition as much as the people often were stuck in it. At the crowded gate were several teachers checking the students as they came in.

For Tsukiko, she tried to walk past without getting stopped, not really in the mood for the teacher to bother her when trying to get into the school. Unfortunately, it was not a good day for either of them today as Mrs. Shiskikura called out them, “You two! Sakakibara!” They both tried to keep on going, but she pushed through the crowd to stop them. “Sakakibara!”

Mitsuru had been pulled along by Tsukiko turned towards the teacher. “Mrs. Shiskikura! Good morning!”

“Good morning.”

“It’s a very nice day today isn’t it?” Mitsuru said cheerfully with a bit of an infectious quality that made others a little more pleasant. “How are you today, teacher?”

She smiled back to Mitsuru a little out of instinct. “I’m fine. Thank you!”

“I’m glad!” Tsukiko grabbed Mitsuru stopping him from saying anymore hoping to get away from the teacher while was distracted.

“Hey, wait!” Mrs. Shiskikura grabbed Mitsuru by his arm tightly. “What do you think you two are doing?! Bringing weapons on to school grounds is a violation of school rules!”

“What weapons? I’m not carrying anything like that!” Tsukiko protested turning to face the teacher quickly. However, Mrs. Shiskikura pointed her index finger down at their waists to what had drawn her attention. It was the old swords that they had found in the cave the night before attached once more at their sides.

The two kids looked at each other with a moment of panic. They then took them off and eagerly put them in the teacher’s hands. “Please keep them forever!” they said in unison as they dashed off trying to put as much distance between them as the swords as possible leaving only a dust cloud in their wake.

Mrs. Shiskikura stared from the gate dumbfounded by their reaction and willingness to give up the swords. She looked down at her hands and then back again at them trying to understand. The next moment she looked back the swords had disappeared. “What?! How did they?!”

“Unfortunately, the swords we found…”

“…seems that we can’t put them back.”

Chapter 2 – End of Normal Days

Once Tsukiko had run far enough away that she felt comfortable with stopping she checked on Mitsuru. He was breathing heavily from the sudden frantic actions. Tsukiko sighed a little catching her breath as well. The other students were still passing around them near the entrance leaving them a little in the way. “Darn it! I thought we had left those things in our rooms under all of the boxes in the house!”

The shared room of Tsukiko and Mitsuru back their home in the shrine revealed a pyramid of poor construction. Cardboard boxes and anything else that was heavy enough to be found in the house had been piled up haphazardly. However underneath it all there was an outlined blinking showing where the swords had been, but were clearly missing.

Mitsuru yelped loudly before Tsukiko clamped his mouth shut with her hand. He pointed down at the sword that was back at their side making Tsukiko retreat back in depression. “I guess no matter what we do we can’t escape them…” Mitsuru removed the sword from his side and stared it with his hand wrapped tightly around the sheath like he was trying to choke it. “You’re going to get us into trouble following us around like this!”

A ghostly image of the woman’s head extend out from the hilt of the sword to face him. “There’s nothing we can do about it! It can’t be that bad! In my day it was honor to carry your sword at your side everywhere!” The carefree attitude that she was taking to their predicament was not improving the mood.

“I don’t know what day you’re from, but it’s illegal to carry a sword! I could get arrested!”

“I don’t see what the problem is. They wouldn’t dare arrest brave warriors such as us!”

Tsukiko leaned over getting in the face of the woman. “You aren’t helping matters! I demand you tell us how to get rid of you!”

“Why would you want to get rid of me? Beautiful and sweet me?”

The attempt at innocence had only made Tsukiko even angrier. She grabbed the sword above Mitsuru’s hand rattling the metal with how tightly she was holding it. “That’s not the point!”



Mitsuru grabbed Tsukiko to get her attention back up to the small crowd that they had gathered from passing students. The focus on them and the talking sword made them sweat a little before turning blue. Mitsuru pressed his hand on the woman’s face trying to get her back inside the sword in the middle of her protests. Tsukiko laughed nervously trying to think of a way out. “Umm…y-you see…”

“Good morning, Mitsu!” Out of the crowd stepped a high school boy along with two girls and another boy. He walked a little closer drawing some of the attention away from with, mostly the girls. The various admirers smiled as they saw his shining black wisp-like hair flowing with his movements gently tapping at his neck. “You decide to take up cosplaying, Mitsu?” he commented as he noticed the samurai sword that was at his waist. The boy peaked around Mitsuru with her sword drawing his attention as well. “Oh you too Tsukiko? Sort of weird for your tastes.”

Tsukiko narrowed her eyes at him in frustration totally ignoring the dilemma. “What do you know about my tastes, Kichiro?”

Mitsuru jumped in between them to cut them off quickly. “Yeah! I saw this really cool show last night and I made sis wear it with me!”

“Yeah that sounds about right!” Kichiro laughed a little patting Mitsuru on the shoulder.

When the other three students came out of the shadows the mood for the crowd suddenly changed. Girls were pushing their boyfriends along as though trying to rip them away. Others hurried out almost like they were in fear. “It’s Numata and Hatakeda! One’s bad enough, but both of them!” The rest rushed along looking away even at the sky if it helped them.

Kichiro looked around at the empty grounds outside of the school. Awkward silence was the only thing that managed to stay. ‘Those two are a deadly combination as always…’

Tsukiko grabbed Mitsuru with her arm around his neck pulling him in towards her. “What do you think you’re doing saying that?!” she whispered to him. “How could say something so embarrassing like that?!”

“It’s better than them thinking they are real. If they think the swords are fakes we might be able to get away with it.”

“I’m not saying I’m cosplaying!”

“But sis!”


Kichiro joined in at their side looking a little too curious for his own good. “Discussing cosplay tips?” He smiled mischievously like he was already plotting something in his mind.

Taken off guard by him Tsukiko could only stutter a little in front of him. “Y-Yeah! Life as a samurai isn’t easy!” When she realized what she had just said she froze in terror. ‘What’s wrong with me?! I can’t believe I just said that! I’m going to die from embarrassment if this continues!’ The feeling of wanting to sink into the ground and run away had grown incredibly potent in Tsukiko in such a short time. Tsukiko collapsed over into Mitsuru arms a moment later losing all of her strength.

“Sis!” Mitsuru yelled trying to keep her from falling over.

“Wow, she’s even easier today.”

“A Sharp and decisive blow,” commented a girl with narrow black eyes and modest length of hair that was tied back with a large red ribbon that seemed to contradict the sign of innocent it could have been brought to the girl.

“Thanks, Kiyome! Would seem her sword was not as sharp as mine.”

“Indeed. A samurai must be prepared at all times.” Kiyome joined the side next to Kichiro looking down at the slowly recovering Tsukiko. “You’re going to need to practice more before you can perfect your cosplay, Tsuki.”

“C-c-cosplay?!” The words were enough to turn her back into a liquid mass in Mitsuru arms with a critical hit having been delivered.

“Great timing as always, Kiyome!”


“Geesh, teased them enough for the morning?” interjected the other boy in the group that had remained fairly quiet.

Kichiro shrugged over to him and straightened up a bit. “Not as much fun when it’s this easy though. Keeping to the shadows as usual Hisoka.”

Hisoka adjusted his glasses back on the bridge of his nose with them catching a little glare from the sun. The painfully thick lenses made it impossible to seen underneath to his eyes. No one had ever seen his eyes before since he always wore the glasses. Unfortunately, they were square black frames of the worst kind that only made him look like a nerd. “You two are so alike sometimes I’m surprised you’re not dating…”

“Yeah like that’d ever happen,” Kichiro said sharply before walking away leaving them alone.

Kiyome followed shortly distant from him. “I’d pick your words more carefully next time…nerd.”

A vein popped up on Hisoka’s forehead in an instant when he heard her use the taboo word. He raised his fist into the air towards the disappearing Kiyome. “I’m not a nerd! I just have poor eyesight!” Steam was already starting to rise from him. It was something that he fervently denied every time that he heard someone mention it. Unfortunately, it had become such a sore point for him that he would go into a blind rage at the slightest mention, even if it was not about him. Most students in his class knew never to speak the taboo word around him. A painful lesson learned by some.

“Where’d Kichiro and Kiyome go?” questioned Mitsuru finally rising up from the ground. He had brought Tsukiko back together letting her stand on her own feet once more. Mitsuru looked around the once more trying to find them and not quite taking note of how empty the grounds were yet. “Hisoka? Is something wrong?” He could see the red veined face of Hisoka still fuming over what had happened.


Before anything more could be said Tsukiko jumped to attention towering over everyone. “What time is it?!” Everyone looked around at each other for a brief moment before the first bell for homeroom to begin sounded off. The answer was given. “We’re going to be late! Hurry!”

* * *

Morning classes were about as they could be expected. The fake siblings had their share of issues to deal with. Once more a teacher tried to take away their swords. It naturally failed for them and they ended up being forced to stand outside of the classroom holding two pales of water as punishment for breaking the rules. Tsukiko still refused to give in to the suggestion of it being a costume. In the end they both were left with sore bodies and almost no classes for all of the trouble that the swords caused.

Tsukiko continued to tried to find new ways to lose them. She had tossed them throw a window, dropped them in vents, given them formally to other people as gifts, tied them down to steel supports of the school and still nothing worked. All it accomplished was her being tired. “Darn these things! Never letting me enjoy a moment of rest!” Her hand was attempting to choke the life out sword once more ignoring how futile it was.

The young man of her sword appeared out of it a little with her hands being conveniently placed around his transparent neck. He looked like he was turning blue a little as though it was actually having some effect on him. “I can’t breathe! P-please stop! I-I…” Tsukiko’s hold had gotten tighter until he suddenly stopped moving and looked like he was unconscious.

Tsukiko jumped back dropping the sword. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it! I was just so…” She tilted her head down feeling regret over her actions of having killed a ghost. It took her a minute for her to come to a realization that changed everything. “Wait a minute! You’re already dead!”

The spirit of the man chuckled to himself having found amusement in tricking her. His lifeless appearance quickly changed back to how he had looked before. “I couldn’t help it!”

“Why you…” Tsukiko’s hair seemed to stand up on end as she became furious at the ghost and sword. “You’ve been tormenting me all day! And this is how you treat me!” The flaming background around Tsukiko was enough to turn the pale spirit a little blue in fear not expecting his joke to be taken so far. No amount of display of fear was going to be enough for her. She grabbed the sword and flung into the cement outside of the school. The sheath flew off as she brought it back for another swing leaving the blade bare to take the next strike.

“Ow! That hurts! Stop it!”

“You can’t feel pain remember!” snapped Tsukiko in a surprising moment of clarity. She began to swing it wilding around at the building and anything that she could find. Anger turned into the hope that breaking the sword would end the curse upon her. Sadly, the sword remained unharmed by anything she did. Only her hands were blistered in pain from the numerous strikes she took with it. She was forced to drop the sword collapsing to the ground. “…why…why…must you…” Her voice broke a little on the words as the day’s stress had simply become too much for her to take.

The spirit of the man stepped fully out of the sword with a more somber expression. He walked over to Tsukiko and knelt down next to her resting a pale hand on her back. The man remained quiet to give her the time she needed.

“…why…I just want a normal…life…” She looked up at him seemingly on the verge of tears. “What did I do to deserve this?”

He looked into her eyes trying to ease her troubles. “It’s a burden of destiny that we all bare.”

“Why me?” she pleaded up to him.

“This became your path the moment you drew my sword.”

“Who or what are you?”

“My name is Tsuneo Shigenoi guardian of the Kimon.”

“Kimon, you mean the Demon’s Gate?”

“Yes, it’s my job to kill any demon that trespasses into the human world. Or was when I was alive.” He called the sword over to him placing it out in front of her between them. There was a bright glow of blue that slowly engulfed the sword. It pulsed resonating with the two of them. “All the power I possessed when I was alive is held within its blade. I’m yours to wield.”

“…mine to wield…” Everything she was being told had started to calm her down and give her focus. Tsukiko did not think it possible, but the night before had shown her a lot more was possible than she believed. ‘Destiny…Kimon…I’m not ready for this! I can’t be some demon slayer!’ She wished it would all just fade like a bad dream. It was just a nightmare.

“P-please don’t make me!” beseeched Tsukiko. “I-I just want to be a simple girl.”

“I think that’d be a little difficult with your height,” Tsuneo commented casually trying to add some levity. Unfortunately, the remark about her height was quite the sensitive subject for her and the flames of anger returned sharply as she glared at him. “Sorry! It was a joke! A joke!” He could see that he was not convincing her to remain calm. The man flailed his arms, dropping the sword, panicking witnessing her becoming more frightening than any demon he had slain. “I’ll be serious!”

Tsukiko stood up with the last of her depression fading away with her rising fist. “I show you my emotions and this is what you do! You can’t be serious even for a minute!” The spirit tried to flee the scene as she looked ready to pounce. She managed through sheer force of anger take a hold of him and dragged him back into range. Her furious fist flew at him.

In the moment of impact a massive blast and cloud erupted from around them blanketing more than twenty meters of the school grounds. The ground shook and the cracking of the cement crawled out. As the dust cloud was forcibly pushed out from the epicenter Tsukiko raised out of it with a shocked stunned expression fix on her face. “D-did I do that?!”

Her answer came quickly in the form of an earth rattling roar that vibrated to her very core. She became very pale in response. A foul odor lingered out as one that no one could ever forget. ‘It’s like last night! Mitsuru!’ Tsukiko took a step back planning on running away. “Is it the same one from last night?”

“No,” replied Tsuneo flatly appearing next to her. Enough of the cloud had cleared to reveal the upper part of the cause. It was brown-orange oni much like an ogre that had appeared in the shrine the night before. Breaking through the clouds was a very large battle axe that for its size looked normal, but easily was two times larger than Tsukiko. “An Oni, the lowest class of demon. Mindless and savage, it survives purely on instinct.”

“There’s more than one of them!?” She felt like it was a bit of a stupid question, but it was all like a story that it could not be real.

“Yes, there are countless Oni in demon world and the most common demon that tries to enter the human world.”

“But why is it here?”

“They sensed strong spiritual energy. It probably sensed you and your brother. You’re like a giant beacon and it’s all they’ll see. They’ll go after the strongest first driven by their base instincts to feed.”

“Everyone in school is in danger because of me!?”

“That’s one way of looking at it.”

Tsukiko backed away from the oni. The realization had set in to her making her afraid. ‘It’s my fault. Everyone…what can I do?’ She did not want to be a part of anything that was happening. It had to be a dream. She just had to awake up from it. Then everything would be over. She could complain about the painful seats on the bus to school. She could get stressed out over her late homework. The teacher would yell at her. It would be the way things should be.

Her eye frantically looked around becoming more terrified as the oni began its heavy stomp towards its prey. ‘It’s going to kill me!’ Tsukiko’s entire body was shaking and sweating. She had nothing she could do but let it march upon her. It would wake her from the dream.

The monster’s wretched breath blasted the ground around Tsukiko’s paralyzed body. It was strong enough to kill the stray weeds breaking through cracks in the ground. The battle ax had already been lifted above the oni’s body when it was standing before Tsukiko. A crooked toothy grin came over the oni’s face as it sensed tasty prey. In the next second the ax flew down in a streak shattering cement and blasting another dust cloud. The oni sniffed the air searching for its prey in the cloud only to find it too far away.

Tsukiko’s body glowed brightly for a moment before fading away as she lay on her back totally without will. Tsuneo leaned over her breathing a sigh of relief that he had managed to use his energy to deflect the ax away just in time. “What do you think you’re doing?! Are you trying to get killed!?”

Her eyes were completely lifeless staring back at him. “…a dream…wake up…must wake…”

“This isn’t some dream, girl! You’re really going to die if you do nothing!”


“Tch…she’s totally gone and I can’t protect her like this.” The spirit looked over his shoulder at the stalking oni that had found its target once more. He stared back down at Tsukiko becoming desperate for anything. “What about your friends? Or your brother? You going to leave them alone?!”

“…Mitsu…” Tsukiko blinked her eyes slowly still empty of any light. ‘…but what can I do? This can’t be real… I just have to wake—‘ Suddenly in her mind a picture of Mitsuru flashed before her smiling. ‘…Mitsu…’ A spark of light in her soul revived. Her light returned her sight reminding her that she was lying on the ground. In the distance there was a glowing signal that called to her, her sword.

She stood up slowly with life returning back to her. Tsukiko felt the ground quaking under her as the oni stalked closer. She ignored the spirit next to her and broke into a run for the monster.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Tsuneo tried to catch up to her so that he could stop her from making a mistake, but it already too late. She was in range of the oni and it was taking a swing at her. However, he could see that she was not actually running at it, but by it to the sword that had been cast aside from earlier.

Tsukiko managed to avoid the attempt made at her and reach the sword. It pulsed back at her calling to her. There was still some hesitation in her heart. ‘…I don’t want this…’ She kneeled down over the sword slowly stretching her arm out. ‘…but I can’t forsake them for my own selfishness…’ Her hand clasped the hilt of the sword, the blade already bare. Tsukiko hefted the weight into her two hands straightening herself up to stare over at the oni. She gave a sorrowful looking smile on her face to no one in particular. “My normal life ends here…” She charged towards the monster still turning around from missing.

The spirit gasped at her recklessness. “Don’t! You aren’t even using your spiritual energy!” He sighed heavily to himself seeing that she was too focused on what she was doing to even hear him. She was closing in on the monster with a perfect chance if she was properly skilled with the sword. “I don’t have any choice…” Tsuneo’s body glowed white briefly before disappearing into the sword. His vast spiritual energy spread down the tip of the blade until engulfing even Tsukiko completely.

The moment the blade sank into the oni all they were was a bright blue light. A long digging slash from the sword carved through the beast cleaving it in two before it began to disappear into particles of energy.

Brilliant gray-white hair blew in the wind from the figure crouched on the ground. The full heavy formal kimono of Tsuneo was draped over his physical form. As he rose up from the ground sheathing his sword Tsukiko’s eyes opened slowly. She had quickly realized what happened and jumped around the school grounds panicking over the young man’s body she was standing. “You did it again! How could you do this to me again?!” she said with his face turning bright red from her embarrassment.

“It couldn’t be helped. I had to help you with the way you were charging in blindly!”

Tsukiko hid up against the wall of the high school building hoping to stay out of sight. “But everyone at school could see me!”

“I can’t see anyone.”

“Give me back my body immediately!” A white light flashed around the body and revealed Tsukiko’s own figure and school uniform once more. She checked everything really quickly before rushing into the school hoping that all of the noise would be ignored. If it was not she wanted to be somewhere else when people arrived. ‘What am I going to do?! Anyone could have seen me! Oh please let it be safe!’

When Tsukiko arrived back at class the bell for new classes was ringing. ‘I hope I don’t get kicked out of this class too… Please just let me have one normal class!’ She sat down in her seat shuffling through her belongs preparing for the next class that would soon begin. She could see Mitsuru returning as well and considered telling him what had happened, but she hesitated.

“Did you see that really cute guy wandering outside?” a female student in the class shouted to her neighboring friend.

“One of the upperclassmen?” her friend replied.

The girl shook her head quickly. There was a bright glow in her eyes like she had just seen something that had completely changed her life. “He wasn’t wearing a school uniform. He had this fancy looking kimono.”

“I didn’t know you were into older men,” the friend teased.

“Hey! He had to be a teenager! I didn’t get a look at him, but I’ll never forget that beautiful silver hair and soft white skin. He was the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen…” The girl was starting to get lost in her fantasies of who the teenager that she might have been.

Tsukiko had only been paying half attention to the nearby conversation, but she jerked alive hearing about the silver hair. She could not think of anyone in the school that had silver hair, since it was an unnatural hair color. ‘Silver hair and outside! Was I found out?!’

“Should you really be calling a boy beautiful?”

“I think I’m in love…”

Tsukiko began to sweat heavily. She dropped her head loudly against the desk in disbelief. ‘What am I going to do?!’

“Dear mother and father in heaven…my normal peaceful life is over! Your daughter, who’s never been in love before, has another girl in love with her. This is so embarrassing! I’m never going to be able to get married!”

To be continued…

Character Profile – Mitsuru Sakakibara

Name: Mitsuru Sakakibara
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5’3” (159 cm)
Weight: 109lbs (49 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short and a little messy
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Appearance: He is short, skinny and pretty much unnoticeable over all. He looks like a wimp.
Personality: He is shy in public and keeps to himself allowing him to be dragged around by his best friends. However, he is also a very kind hearted person who looks out more for others than himself, which is often why he gets dragged along.
While he is shy, the girls of the mansion tend to bring him out of his shell. And he’ll get frustrated with them and yell. He will even question their actions rather than simply accepting what is happening, as he normally would.
Likes: Tsukiko, Grandfather, Curry,
Dislikes: Fire, Embarrassing Situations, Being Short, Eel

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