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The Inner Man

A 27 episode anime series done as though a novel, sort of.

  1. The Inner Man - Episode 27 - Ultimatum

    The Inner Man Episode 27 Ultimatum

    Kohana dusted herself off barely able to feel the touch of her fingers. She gripped her rod tightly as she saw the two men pass by the doorway. Her eyes widened quickly when she saw who it was. It was those two from before. They were the ones with that Scarred Man that was after Chiko. But they did not seem to see her as they ran past the door. Kohana slowly walked away from the sight of the door to the opposite wall of the classroom.
  2. The Inner Man - Episode 26 - Truth

    The Inner Man Episode 26 Truth

    Chiko took covered behind his mist shield as metal pieces flew around out of control. Red and gray smoke blew out of the wreckage of the car, as a mass of men lay dead across the school grounds while even more came charging in. Then out of the smoke a figure walked firing from it bringing down those that dare come close. Chiko released the shield, letting the mist fall away to the ground, looking to see who was the crazy idiot that was driving. As ...
  3. The Inner Man - Episode 25 - Shattered

    The Inner Man Episode 25 Shattered

    There was darkness in the room feeling out the presence of those that would disturb the peaceful solitude. Black matte covered all to keep even the light from escaping from its net. It wanted no visitors; the unwelcome guests had forced their way in without care. There was no way to remove them and thus no peace any more. Darkness relinquished itself to the light allowing but a soft beam through the room. The two guests refused the light only ...
  4. The Inner Man - Episode 24 - Self

    The Inner Man Episode 24 Self

    Chiko sat in the back seat of the car as Mashiro drove back home. The Doctor was finally letting Mashiro get back to normal daily activities, all though much of that was Mashiro threatening him with violence. There was little the Doctor could actually do to stop Mashiro, they both knew that too well. Chiko was just glad to have Mashiro back as well as peace and quiet for once. He did not know how long it was going to last like this, but he was hoping ...
  5. The Inner Man - Episode 23 - Haunting

    (Author notes: Yeah, this is a ghost story episode. I figured I would share a little amusing thing during the time I was writing this episode. While I was writing the second half of the episode I actually scared myself so much I had to stop writing for the rest of the night. I don't know if it will be scary for you, but when you are up at 2 am writing alone with the only light in the house and a vivid imagination, the slightest sounds become scary. I managed to finish it the next night, but I feel ...
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