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Something More Coherent

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This is a little early, huh? I'm largely prompted by some recent work that I'm doing. Said work was prompted by something else. Something akin to the domino affect would be accurate, I guess. I would have put these somewhere else, but well the proper locations no longer exist sadly.

So what is it that I'm talking about? Logos! Yes, logos! Titles! That such thing. In my unending quest to do the wrong creative thing, I made some title logos or what have you for some of my stories. The plan is actually to make one for all of my stories. The reasons will be incoming. For now though, I'll focus on the work and give an explanation further down. Currently, for anyone following Shift should know that I made a title logo for that a while back. But none of my other stories have one and well given my heavy focus and desire to push Shift forward into other mediums, it's not that surprising.

However, changing and evolving times have caused me to actually start doing this for all of my stories. Currently, I'm sitting on a likely finished logo for The Inner Man and a near completed version for AESIR. I'm still trying to decide if there is anymore that I want to do with the AESIR one. There is more, but I haven't had success in getting what I want the way I want it.

I've also been working on Flesh is for Gods, which is rather interesting since I made one for it a long time ago. But I'm actually scrapping that for one that I feel is a little more in tone with what I want. It has been harder to achieve that results that I want with it, but I'm going to keep working on it until I get it.

Below are the results of my work so far.

Both are unique type-faces that I created specifically for this. They probably are similar or have something out there that is like these. But I created them both by hand. So they are not a font that I found on the internet. I just knew what I wanted and created them.

For anyone that has read The Inner Man, it should all make sense what I have going on in the logo. It is a fascinating exercise though. I went through it for months or years on Shift. The effort of trying to distill the whole feeling, theme and concept of the story into the logo. I feel that this is succeeds very well with what I want. It has everything, except for maybe the dark side the story has going on throughout. But that can be a surprise. It is more comedy than dark.
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And then there is AESIR. This is my mecha series. For those old enough on the forums to remember, AESIR was a former RP I ran as an original Gundam story. When it became AESIR I naturally had to drop all of the Gundam trappings. However, I don't ignore the inspiration that drove it. So I created a type-face that was inspired and felt a little familiar to that of the Gundam series. I wanted it to have a bit more of a hard and metal like feel for the touch that I went. The part I'm working on is if I want to add shine to it to finish off the metal appearance.
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As for the reason I'm doing this. I've sat on this for a while, but recently I was approached to join an online light novel site. It is originally a Japanese site that is branching out into English speakers and recruits authors for their site. Part of their unique offering is that popular stories will be translated into Japanese. So I decided to join to pursue that chance.

Unlike the other locations that I post my stories on, they use the story cover for a lot of the public facing. So realized that I'm probably going to need to create covers for any story I plan to put up there. For now, my plan is to just place the logos up for the cover. I only want to use original or at the very least approved artwork and I don't have the time at the moment to do that with all of my stories. So the best step that should tease and draw interest is making interesting logos that hint to what the story is going to be about.

So let me know what your thoughts are of what I've created.

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