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Shift Volume 2

Chapters 11-20 of Shift

  1. Shift - Chapter 20 - Waking the Courage

    ‘…Yuki…’ Saki stepped forward towards the man showing that she was not afraid of him and willing to go with him unchallenged. She had questions of her own that she needed to discover and cooperating with him could get her closer. ‘I have to get Hitomi out of this…’ When the cell door opened and the vines came to grab Saki she stepped forward letting them wrap around her arm and waist. She was not as covered in plants as Hitomi had been making her believe that there was a degree of respect that ...
  2. Shift - Chapter 19 - Forgotten Child

    “You saved me, Yuki! Thank you!” a young Saki said to a young Yuki in the middle of a park playground. There were three slightly older boys, a year older, laying in the grass bruised and slightly blooded from an altercation with Yuki. Saki had tears in her eyes and covered in dirt from behind thrown around by the boys.

    Yuki was grinning partly with pride and partly embarrassed by the praise. He patted Saki trying to comfort her and keep her from crying. “I promise…”
  3. Shift - Chapter 18 - The Broken Watch

    “Saki!” Yuki shouted rushing over to Saki’s collapsed body. A million questions ran through his head trying to understand what was wrong with her. ‘I thought she was at home… What’s she doing here? What’s wrong with Saki? Why did she collapse?’ He grabbed her up from the street letting her rest against him in a seated position. “Can you hear me, Saki?”

    Chapter 18 – The Broken Watch

    Hiroshi felt the flood of emotions and panic wash over him. He tried to keep himself ...
  4. Shift - Chapter 17 - All Short One

    The school felt busier than usual in spite of missing someone. Students were talking between each other as they walked into the school stopping at the shoe locker taking pause. Girls were running their hands through their hair or tidying the mess up from the windy morning. The boys were talking about the latest show or magazine. Some were busily pushing through trying to make morning meetings with the student council. However, when Yuki stepped into the school it did not feel crowded to him ...
  5. Shift - Chapter 16 - Learning by Error

    The space between them was disappearing quickly. There was no more time for him to being asking questions, for she was not letting him have another moment. The blade of the sword had nearly reached striking distance eliminating any remaining time that he thought that he might have had. Yuki jumped out of the way rolling to the ground just in time to only have the ends of his hair clipped.

    Ayumi came to a stop from her strike with her sword held down from the swing. She looked over ...
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