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Shift Volume 1

Chapters 1-10 of Shift

  1. Shift - Chapter 10 - Screaming Awake

    The blowing fields of grass and flowers covered the entire neighborhood dropping people suddenly from their homes into a bizarre unsettling new reality while still feeling a warmth that comforted them knowing that they were safe. In the stark night sky morning clouds appeared painting over the moon and shining dawn over the field. Glowing armor stood off against blood soaked crimson waiting for a move. The massive sword held out with ease gleamed in the light eager to be swung.

  2. Shift - Chapter 9 - Crimson Dance

    “Yuki Hayashi...” The words echoed through Yuki’s head repeated pounding on his insides taking advantage of his weakened state to induce mental injures. He could not get the voice out of his head and all he could think of was the past in his mind. The assassin from earlier played through his memories slicing through his strength and will. This was far beyond anything that he could hope to survive.

    ‘Another assassin so soon…I’m still so weak from before.’ Yuki’s eyes darted around ...
  3. Shift - Chapter 8 - Shouting Silence

    Countless thoughts were spinning around Yuki’s head. He had been on the verge of death, told that he was an heir to some land that he did not know existed, had sealed powers like what he saw displayed before and brought back to life with no scratches. Even with Saki’s attempts at distraction was not enough to pull Yuki up from his deep pensive expression pulling him away from reality. He was pretty sure that he heard Ayumi speaking, but all he could hear any more was a dull noise as though he ...
  4. Shift - Chapter 7 - Death's First Taste

    “Yuki!” Saki screamed as she lost hold of him to the ground. She had been so caught up with Ayumi and what had been happening with the assassin that she had completed forgotten how injured Yuki truly was. The mistake was hers thinking that this was just another bully looking to hurt and push Yuki into the ground. This was much worse than that. It was a life and death struggle between them and Yuki had lost, but against the fantastic powers Saki had seen it did not seem like he even stood a chance. ...
  5. Shift - Chapter 6 - Snow Shield

    “You?!” Yuki eyes widened in surprised to see that it was her that came to save him. He did not think that there was anyone near that saw them. It took him a moment to catch himself when he remembered what she had told him.

    ‘Your life is in danger, but I will be here to protect you and keep you from harm.’

    He thought that she was just saying that as part of her story. But here she was standing between him and the assassin protecting his life now. “Ayumi…why?” He ...
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