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Shift School Days Arc - Ties that Link Sub-Arc

Chapters 30-32, fourth sub-arc of the School Days Arc for Shift.

  1. Shift - Chapter 32 - Matter of Self

    “…Yuki…” Yumi said softly almost in a whisper. He was staring straight at her holding out the bag that she was being asked to take to the back of the store, but she could not move. Her body remained frozen still with her face getting warmer by the second. ‘What do I do? I can’t move! He’s standing in front of me right now!’

    Yuki took a step forward developing a confused look on his face for the odd reaction that was occurring in Yumi. He tried to hold out the bag for her again ...
  2. Shift - Chapter 31 - Unbroken Bonds

    The town was busy with activity crowding the streets and sidewalks leaving the noise to plow through everything around. Near to the neighborhood of Yuki and many of his classmates was a shopping district within walking distance that provided much of the after school entertainment. It left the sidewalks filled with students just off from classes.

    For Yumi, she had to make it to her part-time job that she kept. Since their mother worked so hard to make enough money for them, Yumi ...
  3. Shift - Chapter 30 - The Warning

    Meanwhile during the fight Yuki and Seiji had with the assassin, across town Yumi and Yori were having lunch together in an unused class room in the club and activities wing of the school. Yumi had spent the previous lunch with her friends, but made a promise to Yori that she would meet with him today. She was still uncertain what it was that he wanted from her. “Brother…what is it that you wanted to talk about?”

    Yori sat in opposite of her at one of the smaller desks with his lunch ...