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Shift School Days Arc - My Brothers Keeper Sub Arc

Chapters 12-23 of Shift, sub arc of School Days

  1. Shift - Chapter 23 - Pieces that Remain

    Ayumi walked over to the dying assassin looking down at his bleeding corpse with her sword up ready to finish him off. The man did not seem to have any fear or surprise, but more peaceful in spite of having lost.

    “They already know. There will be…no hiding any longer.”

    “You told them where to find him before we arrived. I won’t let them kill him.” A painful laugh came from the man until Ayumi ended his life with the sword through his heart. The assassin quickly stopped ...
  2. Shift - Chapter 22 - My Brother's Keeper

    “Saki?!” Yuki shouted as he rushed to Saki’s side, but was stopped in his tracks by Saki’s arm thrust outward.

    Saki looked behind her while she faced forward so that Yuki could see her face. “Yuki… I made you a promise. I’m not about to break it now!” Saki narrowed her face staring down at the man in vines ready to challenge him. She was not going to let him hurt Yuki anymore. The pain in her arms was slowly getting to her, but she had someone to protect. ‘Hitomi…Yuki… I’m ...
  3. Shift - Chapter 21 - Promises

    The directions that Saki gave him were fairly vague, but he could not fault her since she had been trying to escape from the place. They had been able to figure it out between the two of them bringing them within sight of the warehouse where all of the people that had been kidnapped were being held. The entire area was quiet lacking much life at all with most of the building being abandoned or only used for storage. It made a perfect location for them to use their powers without being seen by ...
  4. Shift - Chapter 20 - Waking the Courage

    ‘…Yuki…’ Saki stepped forward towards the man showing that she was not afraid of him and willing to go with him unchallenged. She had questions of her own that she needed to discover and cooperating with him could get her closer. ‘I have to get Hitomi out of this…’ When the cell door opened and the vines came to grab Saki she stepped forward letting them wrap around her arm and waist. She was not as covered in plants as Hitomi had been making her believe that there was a degree of respect that ...
  5. Shift - Chapter 19 - Forgotten Child

    “You saved me, Yuki! Thank you!” a young Saki said to a young Yuki in the middle of a park playground. There were three slightly older boys, a year older, laying in the grass bruised and slightly blooded from an altercation with Yuki. Saki had tears in her eyes and covered in dirt from behind thrown around by the boys.

    Yuki was grinning partly with pride and partly embarrassed by the praise. He patted Saki trying to comfort her and keep her from crying. “I promise…”
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