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Shift School Days Arc - Difference in the Same Sub-Arc

Chapters 46-49, the seventh sub-arc the School Days Arc of Shift.

  1. Shift - Chapter 49 - Never Forgotten

    “…mother…” Had been all that Yuki said, but it sent shocked and confused expressions through everyone. It was Saki that had still not completely recovered from when she realized that it was Yuki’s parents. All of their friends, apart from Ayumi, did not understand why it such an important moment for them, but it was slowly starting to settle in for them. Words were not needed.

    Yuki could hardly manage a word trying to stop his tears. Jun got down from their mother’s arms allowing ...
  2. Shift - Chapter 48 - Running Wild

    Everyone was drawn in easily by the illusion and the surprisingly real sensations that it gave them. The thought of whether it was possible or not was left ignored by most of them. It was now and that was all that mattered. Time eased on by at a quick pace making it easy to forget what they were doing. A few hesitant moments from Yuki washed away for even him as he was taken in by landscape. Not until Ha entered into the fields did anyone question anything further.

    She approached ...
  3. Shift - Chapter 47 - The Fantasy You Want

    (Author’s Notes: I had meant to put this in the last chapter, but forgot. Well I’ve gotten to the end of the introductions for the main cast. So I wanted to find out which character is your favorite. If you have time let me know! And I’ll be asking the question again at the end of the major arc for reasons that’ll explain themselves soon enough.)

    “We specialize in making your fantasies come true!” the woman said with a soft greeting tone. The woman motioned with her arms towards ...
  4. Shift - Chapter 46 - Strange Meetings

    Monday came to a mostly uneventful ending for everyone. Apart from Yuki, he could be found sleeping and accidently summoning his Kasou-ryoku powers to alter the classroom in a split second that required Ayumi and Saki to quickly cover up in a very poor awkward manner that everyone noticed, but are conveniently forgetting. So life was normal for Yuki.

    Momoko was surprisingly forgiving for Yuki returning home in the manner that he did, as well as being late. He had found the whole ...