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Shift School Days Arc - Beast and Shade Sub-Arc

Chapters 39-45 of Shift, the sixth sub-arc of the first arc of Shift.

  1. Shift - Chapter 45 - Girl No More

    Silence held in the forest as Saki held on to Chiharu. No words were needed between them for that moment. A flood of emotions from Chiharu had been released that had been trained into her to keep held in. Time drained away slowly letting things run their course until Chiharu was ready.

    Saki kept her eyes on Chiharu watching her as she stayed with her. ‘…she never gave herself the chance to grieve…’ It was clear to her that vengeance was almost instinctual for Chiharu. The mindset ...
  2. Shift - Chapter 44 - The Beast in the Forest

    The forest seemed to grow very still as Chiharu collapsed to the ground from the trap making the noise of the man bursting out from brush accented. Enough time was given for her to turn her head in the moments that slowly passed to see the moonlit stained blade in the man’s hand held up to strike her down. Surprised, all she could do was look on in shock at the trick she had fallen for. “The Chinen Clan dies tonight!”

    Chapter 44 – The Beast in the Forest

    Chiharu could ...
  3. Shift - Chapter 43 - Shadows that Scream

    “Grandfather!” Chiharu shouted as she hung over his dead body unable to do anything but hold his head in her lap. Saki and Yuki kept their distance at the entrance of the room. After a minute Tamotsu came over to her side pulling her away wrapping his arm around her back for comfort. He walked out of the room with her whispering something to her leaving Saki and Yuki unattended and left to stare at each in confusion and worry.

    Saki had only met the man earlier, but she still felt ...
  4. Shift - Chapter 42 - Stranger Still

    Yuki and Saki did not know how they should react beyond their state of shock at hearing that Chiharu was the granddaughter of this elderly man and part of the entire estate. “Granddaughter?!” said the two of them as being all they could respond with at the moment.

    Chiharu was visibly becoming bothered by the attention as well as the reactions that she was receiving. “Grandfather! This is none of their business!” She turned to him trying to get him to stop embarrassing her in front ...
  5. Shift - Chapter 41 - Trouble in Different Packages

    Yuki stared for a moment at the three punks that were looking for a fight with him. He looked over at Saki catching the look in her eye as she stood with Chiharu watching the boys. ‘I thought I was through with those days…’

    Chiharu did not leave her stance not willing to let Saki calm her down. “You know these boys?”

    “Not so much,” Saki said with some reluctance in her voice. She had hoped to get out of the situation that they were in without anymore incidences, but ...
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