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Nasty Broccoli's Are Back!

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Since we're doing the blogs for the journals, I figured I start my old journal up again. It's long dead, but a lot people seemed to read judging by the hits. Anyway, those that remember my original journal's title was Broccoli Flavored Thoughts, hence the title.

The reason I stopped writing journal entries was because I went too long. I originally wrote them in college when I had like two hours of down time between classes and wanted something to do. So it was not a problem writing for like an hour on a journal entry. But after that it just become too long and too much to write and I lost motivation to write something so long because I didn't know when to stop.

Anyway, focusing on today mostly. The forums are back! I could access late last night even though it seem that it was available then. So tons of excitement already. Looking forward to see how everything plays out in the long run.

Work was largely the same as always. Had an interview today, but no luck there since I got pushed back to tomorrow. I got dressed up for nothing, but I understand things happen. Not really upset by it, more just found it funny. So I get to dress up tomorrow as well now. Really hoping I get this position as I'll finally be able to move out of what I've been doing for a really long time and actually make a decent living.

On the personal, not forum time front, I spent time looking at Steampunk cloths for clothing design ideas for a character I'm creating. Unfortunately, nothing really spoke to me. Try to go for a Renaissance period outfit with some Steampunk flavorings to it. I really like the Atelier Arland series costume design, but I don't want to just copy it. So I'm trying to work to a flavor of my own.

Worked in a little Valkyria Chronicles 2, finally beat the story mission in April, not that it was hard. I just kept restarting because I didn't want to lose a team member and stupid Baldren can one shot people with his two handed maul. But I defeated him so he couldn't harass me and got a medal for it, so that was cool. Most just playing my Vita at work, the way it meant to be played, meaning away from home. PS Vita is awesome though, PSP backlog and remote play PSone games.

Writing, I'm still doing the same thing as always. Doing Shift on a weekly basis, trying to write Twin Moon when I can and always wanting to be writing AESIR.

Watched YuruYuri Episode 10 for dinner. Almost caught up on Initial D, thanks to my personal work. And still watching too much anime over the weekend, Bleach, Cassherin Sins, Champione, Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere, Tari Tari, Total Eclipse, Oda Nobuna, Utakoi, Humanity has Declined, Chitose Get You, My Sister is Among them, Sword Art Online, So, I can't play H, Kokoro Connect, Arcana Famiglia. If you look them all up you'll see that they are all over the board in type, so yeah, I'll anything so long as it is interesting to me.

I think that'll be it for now. I might get back into my philosophical ramblings in later postings, but I wanted a normal one here. For the start. Who knows how frequent I'm going to be able this.

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