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Blargh! A Blog!

  1. Looks like I'm Back

    First of all I wanted to apologize to any of you who might have missed my farewell-for-now blog entry. I didn't mean to make you sad with my sudden departure ._.

    *ahem* But anyways it looks like I'm back for now. I've been feeling better about myself lately so I feel kinda motivated - more than usual - every now and then. My story will have to wait as I have suddenly gotten busy with more games. Oh yeah, got myself a new PS3. Sadly, still no internet connection for me so I can't make ...
  2. Something from me

    I just want to tell you guys that I won't be around as much. I'm getting so tired lately and as much as I wanna do many things at once, the body is weak. I'll drop in every now and then but I can't do much when I'm so tired.

    While I never managed to get a PS3, I did happen to have enough for a DSi and Pokemon Black 2. So there's something I can do as I rest :3

    As I said, I'll drop in once in a while, I just won't be very active. Have a nice day, now!
  3. Goodbye, Marowak

    You had a good run in OU but at least I still have ya in LU :') I had to change my entire team, because I lacked the speed to bring defeat on the opponent. Gastrodon with Storm Drain, Sawsbuck with Sap Sipper, Thundurus with Volt Absorb, and Chandelure with Flash Fire, I can switch in safely on some enemy attacks. And now with the addition of Heracross now I can have a great speedy sweeper thanks to Choice Scarf and Moxie. Lastly, Hippowdon's there for Stealth Rock, and Whirlwind foes that dare ...
    Pokemon Battle Log
  4. Ferrothorn, You're Out!

    I never did like Ferrothorn >> << No wonder it's in OU, because it's definitely overused.

    Battle between Bari and TheAwesomeMan19 started!

    Tier: Wifi OU
    Mode: Singles
    Rule: Rated
    Rule: Sleep Clause
    Rule: Species Clause
    Rule: Wifi Battle
    Variation: +12, -20

    Your team: Marowak / Crawdaunt / Lucario / Celebi / Chandelure / Thundurus-T
    Opponent's team: Hydreigon / Ferrothorn / Swampert / Metagross ...
    Pokemon Battle Log
  5. Chandelure, Welcome to the Team!

    At least three of my Pokemon were vulnerable to the common Fighting types so I wanted a way to counter them. It was sad to see Heatran go, but Chandelure played her role pretty well. At least her weakness to Ground was 2x instead of 4x like heatran, and Flash Fire helps too. So I say welcome. Special thanks to Lacquer Head for the suggestion.

    Ah yes. I love how this battle ended

    Battle between xEcnox and Bari started!

    Tier: Wifi OU
    Mode: Singles ...
    Pokemon Battle Log
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