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  1. sup

    so uh yeah, shit's been real fucked up the past several years. lost both my folks to cancer back in 2017/2018 respectively, Kyo and I broke up back in 2016 cause she was having wicked bad problems and we ended up not talking for like 4 years but we worked shit out and have become pretty decent friends, moved back to New Hampshire for like two years, got a job running a Dollar Tree, and then on a whim decided to move to Tennessee to pursue a relationship that exploded in my face after less than a ...
  2. o_o

    I'm gonna figure out a way to be active again here eventually.

    Also, college. Decided to go back and actually, you know, finish a degree. Computer Science this time. Things are good. Kyo-san and I are still together after 6 years (she says hi, by the way, in case anyone remembers her) and school is going well for both of us. I miss this place and all of you who remember me quite a bit. Hopefully when I find the time I can start being active again. Until then, just wanted to do my ...
  3. Tumblr fangirls creep me out.

    About 2 or 3 weeks ago I got a wild hair up yonder in my ass to join Tumblr. I figured I could use it as more or less a way to make way longer Twitter posts, and that's pretty much what I've used it for.

    However, about a week ago, I made the mistake of admitting that I'm a huge Supernatural fan. Not the creepy type, mind you. I just happen to think it's an excellently written show.

    Upon posting this, I suddenly found myself awash with fellow SPN fans as followers. I ...
  4. Well wot's all this then

    So yeah. Hey, TFF. Long time no see.

    Sometime between moving to Texas from New Hampshire, to New Hampshire from Texas, and now to Oregon from New Hampshire, I've kind of lost touch with a bunch of stuff. Now that I'm fully settled in Oregon I'd like to rectify that, starting with TFF.

    So, hey bitches, I'm back.



    Anyway, things are good here. People in Oregon are just staggeringly nice. It's really changed my ...