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How Many TImes Do I Do?

Go for it!

  1. "TFF Confessions," lol

    Remember those times I would start a thread, titled something like "TFF Confessions," or "TFF Regrets," or something along those lines? Like, I would decide I wanted to come clean about something, and then, for whatever reason, I thought that other people on the forums would also want to do this. Except usually, people would just respond with nonsense, making fun of the concept, because y'all are trolls, lol Was reminded of those earlier, for some reason. I guess because a ...
  2. Top Ten Albums of 2017 (According to Me)

    So 2017 was kinda a rough year for most people not named Taylor Swift, eh? (Jeez, Taylor. Way to have a good time. Thatís not allowed, or something.) American politics are shit, everyone hates each other, and people seem barely capable of not hitting each other over the heads with bike locks, or ramming their cars into each other.

    Personally, I drifted further into burnt out/not-giving-a-fuck territory this year, even though this is arguably the easiest year Iíve lived, this decade. ...
  3. Top 10 Albums, 2015

    Hello, everyone! Guess what? I come here today to present you a list that is indisputably the best albums of 2015, according to me. No one can deny that these are the best ten albums this year, according to myself. If you think that I don't think that these are the top ten best albums this year, I think that you are probably wrong, and should rethink what you are thinking about that. So without further ado...

    10. The Bombadils - Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet
    So from the Great ...
  4. This New Year's Eve

    I'm waiting for tomorrow
    My heart is on my sleeve
    And yes, I still believe
    That this New Year's Eve
    Will turn out better than before
    I'm holding on
    Still holding on
    Until they close the door on me

    -Five Iron Frenzy - New Year's Eve

    It's becoming something of a tradition for me to listen to that song on this day every year now, and to post it around. It's a great song, and it seems to always capture my feelings of this ...
  5. Top 10 Songs of 2013, Second Half

    I think it's about time to look at what songs I liked best from this second half of the year, as I did for the first half of 2013. I realize the year isn't over, but I don't think I'm gonna be getting any new music this month. There's nothing at this point that I'm looking forward to. So...

    10. The Universe: A Very Special Moment. This band is related to Architecture in Helsinki somehow. I'm not sure how. This song is pretty cool though I think. I think it lives up to the band's name; ...
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