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Anyone got a Phoenix feather?

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Blogs! Blogs are a neat thing to have set up here, and was a really big portion of my interest when I first stumbled my butt back in here. So after reading a few I thought, "Why not try and write up one of my own?". Seems simple and really I've probably been on Tumblr way too long anyway so this might get weird an long really fast.

I spend a lot of my free time anymore on playing FFXIV and you'll likely find me on either the Diablos or Ultros server. My dream occupations are Landscape design for video games/animation or to actually manage to be a published author. I'm a mother to a brilliant little four year old girl who is more than willing to voice her opinion and eager to learn.

Right now I'm sitting at my place of work getting ready to go on lunch and debating between a burger, chicken strips or just some snack. I'm attempting to jot down some scenes from my latest novel idea(hint: it's not going well) while also debating if brownies when I get home would be a good idea. To be honest, I'd much prefer a nap. Or to get off early.

That is a slight option for me today as they plan on entering names into a drawing to go home later after lunches. If I get mine drawn I'm probably gonna go home and sit on FFXIV for a while.

Super exciting plans for the evening are that I plan on trying out this really neat Ravioli dish from an off-shoot Olive Garden recipe. I had it from their limited menu last summer and I finally found a recipe for it so I couldn't resist. Lots of cheese and pasta, delicious. Probably gonna hear some complaints from the rest of the household, but so long as the kid enjoys it too then I don't care.

After all things are said and done, I might try to browse around in here and see what places I can bring a little life back to~

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