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    I'm afraid to hit Like and then Facebook is like HEY LOOK AT THIS!

    I've been wanting to force myself to be more busy to get away from games cause I feel I don't get anything done.
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    I've decided to start posting the Dark Gender Bender story over at another location rather than here on TFF. Just get in contact with me if you wish to read it.
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    I have Devil Summoner 2 and I have Nocturne as well. Atlus was supposed to be re-releasing Devil Summoner 1 and 2, but I haven't heard anything about it. So I'm a little disappointed by that. But I'm looking forward to Persona 5. ^^ I want that badly.
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    If you're enjoying other entries in the MegaTen realm, you'd like enjoy Devil Summoner/2 as well!

    But really, nothing beats the main, numerical entries.

    Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne on PS2
    Shin Megami Tensei IV on 3DS

    These games. THESE GAMES. Ugh, so delicious.
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    Aside from the high encounter at times, it is enjoyable. It naturally has quite a different feel from the Persona games, which are my only other MegaTen experience. I'll probably be playing again this Friday, get through another dungeon.
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    OH MY GOSH I love love love love love Digital Devil Saga!!!

    How are you enjoying it thus far??
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    I made a slight change to this episode, something that has always bugged me. I never really liked the way I ended with the epitaph on his grave. It just felt awkward and a little weird. I wanted an impression that their love was something unique, but the implication of a post-houmous marriage always felt a little unrealistic and just awkward to me. So I re-wrote a new epitaph that I felt captures the theme, as her own actions do well enough to show her own love for him. I think it is a little smoother and less of a creepy note to leave off on for the story.
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    Well as I said would likely happen, I wrote another episode at the end of the year. I still had some time to work over it this time around so I'm getting up earlier. Anyway, Episode 4 is now available. This episode starts moving things a little faster. Not a lot of action, but here is a lot of a movements and world building along with the mounting tension of conspiracies.

    I wrote this episode is a very strange way. The best way to put it is that I took the filming approach to things. When I started I did not really know the order I wanted things, not to mention I wanted to wrote somethings and not other things at the moment. I already know everything I wanted because I ended up doing a lot of detail work over the year. So I just wrote what I wanted and I didn't care about the chronology of the story until I finished. So it was like filming a movie or show. You work around people's schedules and do what you need and then when you edit it you bring it all together. That's what happened for me. I wrote all of Shizuka and Ed's parts first, because I wanted to and then did Terra Team's stuff. I jumbled around the rest. I then moved it all around in the order that was correct.

    It was a weird way to write, but I got it done. It was easier than forcing myself to do something I didn't feel like at the time. As I mentioned before, I had the advantage of knowing the details going into it. During the time since the last episode I wrote out a detail summary for the entire series broken down by episode, followed by a shorter summary followed by a bullet points summary. So I've got a lot of information for it.

    Anyway, no giant robots fighting again, not high tension or emotions like the last episode. Though I did have some emotional moments with Ed. This was a cool off episode. Lots of stuff happened and the reader is still in the dark about quite a few things, some intentional, some I didn't have time yet. So it was a world building episode and a character building one. Terra Team One was still a pretty huge question mark on development for them, only Wells and Rinn had any really development after Cal got wounded. So I was able to mix in the two. Rinn got more back story, something that he was needing and then even members of the team got some background as well. Elle got the most attention, but more things were explained about who they were.

    On the world building, I had two goals for the episode. I needed to work in more details about Earth and I need to start talking about the world the Team came from. Considering the story and genre, it is pretty obvious, but all that is explicitly stated is that they come from space. So I needed to work in some details about the environment that they come from. So I got to talk about the Federation, the Alliance, the war and unification. All things that I've outlined on paper, but never brought up until now. Things are still vague and mysterious, but there are more pieces in place now. Plus I got to work a little politics in things.

    Shizuka ended up making a good chance to start answering some questions the reader likely had about the situation. Why are their giant robots when there is no war. Why are they using teenagers (because it is a trope >.>, though Ansgar is 19, Ed is 16. Shizuka is actually the youngest, so I still subvert the trope a little.) It was a good chance to work in a lot of things I wanted without sounding like it was out of place, which is always bad. When things are explained to someone that already knows them it never makes sense, you just know the audience needs to know them. A new person helps to facilitate this without being weird.

    Ed is still dealing with his guilt on the matter, something that will be a reoccurring theme for him for a while. It is not going to be making him emo or anything. But I think anyone would be feeling pretty bad about throwing someone to the wolves when they could have prevented it. He'll be getting over it in time, when the two make up. But it'll be something that nags at him, but also something that will provide him with motivation. So it is not all bad.

    The committee continue to work their conspiracies and I work the plans within plans that Doctor Kitawara has going on. The guy is a huge jerk and I only continue to play that up. I continue to toss around the term Potential, which will be an important term continuing. It is left as a mysterious element that can build speculation. There is pieces and expectations that people can put on it, so it should be able to have some good legs. I even conclude with a cliffhanger that has some fun implications.

  9. Leon's Avatar
    To summarize what I've read from both chapters, I liked this fight overall and that wasn't even one of the stronger assassins. Sad how the experience from the warehouse could leave someone mentally scarred, perhaps for life.
  10. Andromeda's Avatar
    Saki is always a tough character. Once she sets her mind to something she won't stop. She actually more stubborn than Seiji and that's saying something. She is brave enough to fight, but also hates fighting as well. She only does it because it is to protect Yuki. The interesting thing is that right now I'm writing a fight with Saki currently and the flashbacks from here are being expanded and given more depth to show off Saki's character.
  11. Leon's Avatar
    And we're left on a cliffhanger here. Despite what's happened, Saki has showed she's brave enough to fight and take on the plant assassin. A pretty good chapter.
  12. Andromeda's Avatar
    Well it is not a manga yet, so it is freely open to interpretation. There is a lot of green though for sure.
  13. Leon's Avatar
    Vines, grass and perhaps roses everywhere. I've had different visuals thanks to the anime I watch ^^
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    Yuki and Saki are very closely tied together. So it makes sense that you would learn more about him as you learn about Saki. They spent most of their childhood together.
  15. Andromeda's Avatar
    Yes, you can call him the Plant Assassin. It all makes for a really fun visual having plants everywhere and adds to the mystery.
  16. Leon's Avatar
    Anything can happen later on in the future, though. Wouldn't you say?

    I just wanted to say something without spoiling much, honestly >.>
  17. Andromeda's Avatar
    Yeah, I make things even more complicated with making Section 3 part of the enemy. Though it also explains why the syndicate was able to get so close to him early on. But they tossed a bunch of the low level men out there to be killed while trying to kill Chiko.
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    And so it begins. I loved how you revealed more of Yuki's past in this chapter.
  19. Andromeda's Avatar
    Hints? I think I was pretty direct about it. Unless I want to pull a fake out and say that I was lying or the Doctor didn't look hard enough Chiko's body is gone. It is a bit of a downer ending after always having the hope at the end waiting for him.
  20. Leon's Avatar
    The next assassin is revealed to have a power over plants, making way for the next chapter as it is further explained what exactly happened to Saki.

    Just wanted to summarize things. ;p It was a good chapter.
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